Giveaway: Dame Aer

Giveaway: Dame Aer

Happy May! It’s another month which means there’s another toy up for grabs. This month, I’m working with Betty’s Toy Box to bring North America a giveaway of the Dame Aer. Read my review of the Dame Aer here and enter below. Remember, you can enter daily! I love to hear from y’all so let me know how you’re liking these giveaways!

Dame Aer is pictured on a bed of ivy
Dame Aer Giveaway

If you love oral stimulation, you will love Aer. The silky silicone head creates a soft seal around your clitoris then the thrilling air pulsations begin. Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth—perfect if oral stimulation sends you over the edge. Start low for the ultimate tease or turn up to 5 and experience intense, deeply felt, orgasms. The simplicity and effectiveness of this product can’t be overstated. With a gorgeously sleek design that sits perfectly cradled in your palm, Aer also fits perfectly between two bodies. You will love Aer for foreplay as much as the main event. The buttons are simple and intuitive and the sensations are exquisite. 

Betty’s Toy Box

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    1. It is a lot of fun! I’ve reviewed other suction toys but I also reviewed this toy in the last post!

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