Dame Aer Review

Dame Aer Review

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When I got the Dame Aer, I was super excited. I recently reviewed the Dame Pom and loved it. (In fact, it led to my wife and I finding a new, gender-affirming toy which was sooo exciting!) So, understandably, the idea of using another Dame toy was thrilling. Although I looked at pictures online, getting it was a shock. I’ve reviewed another toy for Betty’s Toy Box, and I like the Dame Aer a lot more. Keep on reading for more about that.

Dame Aer is a We-Vibe Melt look-a-like in form and execution.

Design of the Dame Aer

The design is fabulous. It latches on to my clit and fits perfectly. However, this is the same toy as the Melt. Like, design-to-design, this is the same toy. The biggest difference between these two is that the Aer has different buttons, and the neck is a bit longer.

I will admit, I like the Dame Aer button-controls. They’re considered “simple and intuitive,” and I agree with that sentiment. Aer sports three buttons that aren’t labeled. Instead, the button that ups the intensity (+) is convex while the button that tones down the intensity (-) is concave. Genius, really. It’s so nice to control it by feel. In this sense, I would prefer the Dame Aer over the Melt. It just makes more sense to be able to use this toy without disengaging it from your body.

Dame claims that this is a toy that people can use between two bodies, which is somewhat true, but it’s not innovative. It doesn’t work between bodies as the other vibrators do, but this isn’t just a vibrator. It would really depend on the position each body is in during intercourse, but it doesn’t get in the way as other suction devices do. Then again, there’s still a suction toy that takes up less room…

It’s Waterproof!

I love taking toys in the bath, and the Dame Aer is definitely one I can take in the bath with me – and I did! The water didn’t impact the suction at all, and I felt comfortable bringing it under the water with me b/c it’s encased in silicone. This also makes the Aer easier to clean. The fact that it’s silicone means that it doesn’t have to be sanitized. However, it can and should be cleaned after each use. To do that, you soap it up with something antibacterial and rinse it off with water. Then, you’re good to go! Let’s be real, though; sometimes you feel lazy, and that’s what a cloth and toy cleaner is useful.

The air is a completely silicone-encased suction sex toy, but I’m not a huge fan of this silicone. While it’s not sticky, it isn’t velvety like some other sex toys BLUE FROM BTB, but not on the level of the MUSTANG. That being said, everything sticks to the damn Dame Aer, and it drives me crazy.

Unlike the WOMANIZER, the Dame Aer does not have adjustable heads. It’s one-size-fits-(hopefully)-all which I know isn’t the case. However, I’m about to tell you why that’s actually okay!

The buttons of the Dame Aer are easy to feel and control without looking

Rose’s Experience with the Aer

As always, I started the session off by carefully dressing my clit with lube I’ve deemed worthy of being on my body. It’s almost a ritual now, like dressing the candles I burn with anointing oil. It may seem like lube isn’t required for this toy – and it certainly isn’t – but it always adds a little “oomph” to my experience.

When I use suction toys, I tend to squirt, so I took them in the bathtub with me. (That sounds counter-intuitive, but it makes me feel better.) Right away, the Dame Aer validated my decision. The water didn’t impact the suction-like experience of the Dame Aer. In fact, it flourished in the water. However, I needed a bit more power than I was getting.

Something I love about the Dame Aer is the (non-replaceable) head. It seems like that’d be an issue not to have another sized head as other toys provide, but it wasn’t. The opening of the head of the Dame Aer is slanted, which makes it more accomodating for the different sized clitoris. In fact, it was also easier to position the head over my clit because the mouth of the toy is wider than other suction toys.

Dame Aer is a suction toy

Summary of the Dame Aer

The Dame Aer is a less expensive We-Vibe Melt. Honestly, they’re so similar. I’d suggest choosing the Aer if the price is what you care about most. The buttons of the Dame Aer are certainly more intuitive and make for easy control without looking at the toy. That is a huge advantage the Aer has over the Melt. The Aer also has a longer neck but a wider mouth that may be beneficial for some. That being said, they’re so similar that I’d recommend the Aer over the Melt because you’d be saving money.

You can buy the Dame Aer here at Betty’s Toy Box or at Naughty North (CAN) here.

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  • Medical-grade silicone
  • The buttons just make sense
  • You don't have to look at the buttons to control the toy
  • 5 pulse levels
  • Actually quiet
  • Very strong magnetic charging
  • Waterproof


  • Not a lot of intensity options
  • Sticky silicone

12 thoughts on “Dame Aer Review

  1. This post has definitely piqued my interest in the Aer! I wanted a We-Vibe Melt for a while, but wasn’t in love with the smaller opening and the fact that it only came in pink.

    Thanks for another great review!

  2. Wow! Seems like I’ll have to give it a try, I was honestly thinking about it When I was looking at the website. I definitely enjoy that it’s waterproof, I honestly don’t have any that are and it’s a shame!

  3. Having a slanted mouth opening is an interesting way to make this toy adaptable for different sizes. The narrow mouth on the We-Vibe Melt is definitely a problem for some people.

    1. Yeah, def. Is this something you would be interested in? If there are questions about the toy’s mouth, then the womanizer is a safe way to go, too.

  4. Used it on my Fiance the other night, she HIGHLY APPROVES.. Thanks for the contest.

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