I Went Into the Wild and Took Sex Toy Pics

I Went Into the Wild and Took Sex Toy Pics

I love everything and anything to do with nature; be it rocks, rivers, lakes, snakes. I just love it all! So, today when my wife and I went down to a trailhead I took some sex toys with me and took nature photos with them. My favorite photos of sex toys are all taken outside and I plan on keeping that up!

Reviews of all these toys to follow! If you want to take a look at them, click the links below to take a look at a preview of the toy.

Take a look at this funky, stroking sex toy.
This is certainly a…. toy. Take a look at the Blush Impressions N1 Vibrating dildo
Take a look at my first pussy pump! It’s an effective toy, that’s for sure, but is it comfortable? **like does it have a damn auto-shut off??**
The Yoru is a ridiculous-looking toy but, damn, is it comfortable! My thoughts to follow shortly.
I am SO excited about this toy. Shevibe sent it to me with the Mimic so my wife and I can give it a try and see if it could potentially be another gender-affirming toy for her.
Romp toys like the Jazz and the Beat are great because they’re affordable and fun to look at. In fact, I’ve reviewed a few and loved the Hype
This is a fun, affordable, unique toy. My thoughts on it will come soon.

11 thoughts on “I Went Into the Wild and Took Sex Toy Pics

  1. That last photo is amazing! The color of the flowers is such a close match to the toy. The photo of Starsi is really cute, I couldn’t help but smile. You take really great photos, you have a real eye for color and composition.

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