Review: Manta (Penis Toy)

Review: Manta (Penis Toy)

Y’all may have noticed that my blog lacks penis toys. Although I have a penis in our house, we don’t actively use it. However, I wanted to bring penis toys into my blog because I want to appeal to more readers and give them the info they want, so I reached out to a guy friend about reviewing the Manta for me.

Enter: Jay. Jay is a good friend of mine who I’ve known for years. He has experience with sex toys, penis toys in particular. So, when I asked him if he’d like to review for me, he said yes. Jay took photos of the toy, used the toy, and took detailed notes. He’s left the writing up to me, which means I’ll be writing in the third person from Jay’s experience with the toy. 

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When Jay got the toy, it came in a discrete package. Upon opening the shipping box, he found the toys nestled in the shipping box beside each other. 

Fun Factory spared no expense at the design of this toy. The packaging is similar to the other Fun Factory toys and comes with a magnetic, bright red charger. Jay notes that it would have been nice to have a toy bag come with this toy. It attracts lint as many other Fun Factory toys do. 

The Manta is shaped like wings that act to encompass specific parts of the users’ penis. Silicone coats the body and wing portion of the toy while the handle of the toy is ABS plastic. Both materials are body-safe, and, in fact, this reviewer (Rose) prefers toys in these two materials. The silicone of the Manta is firm without being rigid, while the toy’s wings feel springy. 

The Manta has a hole in the middle of the handle, and Jay found that inserting a finger or a thumb into the hole felt like a natural way to use the toy.

Materials, Care, and Keeping

You’ve all heard me (Rose) praise lube, and Jay wholeheartedly supports using a water-based lube with the Fun Factory Manta because its silicone sucks that shit right up. As Jay mentioned, the Fun Factory Manta collects lint, so wrapping it in a cloth is an option to keep the lint off when it’s not in use. 

Silicone being a body-safe material, won’t harbor bacteria or other nasty things. Wash this fucker with soap and water, and you’re good to go. If you want to take it a step further and sanitize the toy, then you can use a bleach: water solution. If you’re feeling especially lazy, Fun Factory carries a toy cleaner.

The Fun Factory Manta in Use

Jay had a lot of good notes for me with this section. Since I’ve never used a penis toy, I was super excited to read about what it was like for him. The first thing that Jay noted about the Fun Factory Manta is that most angles were awkward. He couldn’t find a natural position to hold the toy to his body when Jay commits to review a toy he delivers and uses this one in as many ways as possible. 

For starters, Jay found that he could rest the Manta on his stomach for hands-free penis vibration. Like with other toys, Fun Factory really makes it easier to manage jacking-off hands-free

Jay used this toy as a frenulum massage though it wasn’t convenient at all. The wings do not reliably retain the penis and require another hand or rest against his belly. One thing he did like, in particular, was using the Manta to apply vibrations around the base of the shaft of his penis. This move creates a deep vibration that isn’t otherwise easy to replicate. 

He was able to press the wingtips together and massage the perineum, and because this shape is soft in the middle, this made use on the perineum more comfortable than using solid vibrators. 


Jay said, and I quote, “[the] combination of base and taint vibration while masturbating resulted in an intense, long-lasting, altered orgasm with no refractory period.” His experience was “unique and enjoyable” with the Manta. 

Although Jay enjoyed the Fun Factory Manta, he finds it difficult to recommend at $140. That’s a price range outside of many budgets and, although this reviewer reads his notes as him thinking this toy is “the shit,” he’s taking accessibility into account. If you have money to burn, this could be a good experience to have.

He says because there are limited uses and positions, this toy requires at least one hand, and he’s unlikely to use it frequently.  

Jay used this toy with his female partner and found that it was a convenient toy to use is missionary position with the reclined partner holding the toy. When Jay used the Manta on his penis to stimulate his female partner they found that the vibrations are greatly diffused. 

After using this for a bit, he concluded that this toy would work for those desiring internal, diffused, rumbly vibrations with and without his partner. He found that the Manta could also control thrusting depth for his partner’s comfort. This toy is not good for everyone. He’s concerned that it won’t work with all penises. Perhaps if it were cheaper, it’d be worth trying out. That being said, Fun Factory does have fun little penis toys like Nos, butt-plug with cock rings, and oral sex simulator.

You can buy the Manta with this link or by clicking on the banner below.

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  • The wings are easy to manipulate
  • Body-safe material
  • Easy to clean
  • Came packaged well, discreetly shipped
  • Rechargeable toy by magnetic charger that works with all fun factory rechargeable toys


  • Jay doesn't feel like this toy is worth the hefty price tag
  • Holding it is quite awkward and most angles he tried were too much work

12 thoughts on “Review: Manta (Penis Toy)

  1. Glad to see you expanding the repertoire of toys you review, it’s a good way to help you increase your audience. Wow, Fun Factory really should have included a bag for a toy that is that much of a lint magnet.

    1. Fun Factory’s silicone always collects lint, you’re right, I’m surprised they don’t include bags. And yeah, I’m collecting guy friends to review penis toys for me 😀

    1. Ohhhh it’s good to know that you like it, too. Do you find it bothersome like Jay did when searching for positions?

  2. This is my go to toy for frenulum play but I wish it was more inclined for hands free use. I also wish it was a bit less expensive.

  3. It’s nice to know the wings move. I never would have known form seeing it before. That’s a hefty price tag though. Glad to see a male toy reviewed. He did great

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