Sex Blogger Roundup #4

Sex Blogger Roundup #4

I know, by now it’s way past #4 but I’m starting the count over from the moment I realized I should have been labelling everything by date.

This week we’ve got some great toy reviews from bloggers you may know by now.

I reviewed the Luna for Babeland – my first toy from them! – so I was super excited. It was a good bullet vibe, but its price is just pretty off. And, I also have a giveaway going so keep entering every day!

Meg from Witch of the Wands reviewed the Inya Pump (which I also have out for review!). It’s always so fun to read other blogger’s thoughts on what is about to go into – and lays on – my body, too.

Tessa reviewed the Old School Tattoo Style Printed Ball Gag and I just loved the photos of her wearing the gag.

In other news, Izzy reviewed a horrifying toy over here and took the most perfect photo of a sex toy ever.

August reviewed the Rodeoh Strap-On Brief Harness. There’s now a newer version of the harness and they link to that in their review. Go give it a look O.O

August is wearing the strap--on Brief Harness, and their arms are relaxed at their sides.

Cy’s review of this sex doll is one of my favorite reviews. She gets the awkward tension around the unobxing into words so well.

Review & FAQ: Tantaly Cecilia sex doll torso 1

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  1. That photo from Izzy’s review is amazing! That toy’s innocuous (eggnocuous?) appearance gives no clue to the horrors that await the unsuspecting user.

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