Review: Pleasure Works Luna

Review: Pleasure Works Luna

I am so thrilled to be working with Babeland for this review. When my wife and I visited Babeland when we were on vacation to Seattle, we just loved what we saw. In fact, we took our friend to Babeland as her first experience with a sex shop. And, let me tell you, it was nothing but a good experience. After visiting, I decided to strike up a relationship with them, and they obliged. The first toy they sent me is the Pleasure Works Luna. The power of the Pleasure Works Luna surprised me. Aside from the squishy tip, I didn’t think there’d be much to this silicone toy.

Read on to hear more about the Luna.

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The Pleasure Works Luna is a rather average-sized silicone bullet vibrator. While it’s thicker than the Tango X, it’s lighter; this may be because of the silicone casing. While the Tango is a hard vibrator that allows for pinpoint stimulation, the Luna is encased in soft, gushy silicone. The tip of the Luna is squishy and comfortable. I found great pleasure in bouncing the Luna by the tip on my desk to see how many times it can bounce before it falls over (2-3 bounces). (This isn’t the first toy I’ve had fun bouncing.)

Other toys have been described as having a layer of “liquid silicone” around the core, fitting for the Pleasure Works Luna. I love the feeling of the outer layer of the Luna. It’s fun to squish and incredibly comfortable against my clit for those times when it’s annoyingly sensitive. That being said, there is a downside to the squish that you’ll find here.

How to Use the Pleasure Works Luna

Pleasure Works Luna sits in a tree, displaying the single button used to control patterns and intensities

There is one control button for the Pleasure Works Luna, and it’s located at the base of the toy. In fact, the entire base of the toy is a giant button. The vibrations and patterns are controlled with that single button. Usually, that annoys me. However, since the cycles are kept to a minimum and the toy resets when it’s turned off, that doesn’t make this an issue with the toy.

Rechargeable toys are The Shit, and the Pleasure Works Luna is part of “The Shit.” A cable with little pin power connects the charger to the Luna. Charge the toy by poking the charger’s pointy end into the toy’s silicone, and you’re set to go! Plus, the silicone self-seals after you withdraw the charger, which aids the waterproof aspect of the Luna.

You charge the Pleasure Works Luna by inserting the pointed tip of the charger into the toy.

Materials, Care, and Keeping of Pleasure Works Luna

The water-based lube that Babeland threw into the box is great. That’s likely because it’s been formulated by Sliquid, one of my favorite brands of lubricant. (There are also organic Sliquid options if you’re into that.) Because the Pleasure Works Luna is a silicone-coated toy, silicone lube is not a safe product to use on the Luna. Silicone lube can ruin silicone material, so it’s best to stick with a water-based or oil-based lubricant. I used to have an oil-based lube I could recommend, but now that an issue has araised with the lead of that brand, I’m now on the hunt for a new oil-based lube.

We know now that the Luna is made of gushy silicone, but another perk is that silicone is a body-safe material. What’s that mean? Phthalates have not been used to create the Pleasure Works Luna, and neither have other toxic materials. Silicone does not absorb any nastiness because it is not porous. On top of that, it doesn’t need any special cleaning. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water. If you really want to sanitize it, you can stick this bullet in bleach solution: water (1:10 ratio). It’s not necessary, but it can calm an anxious mind when you’re sharing this with other partners.-

My Experience With the Pleasure Works Luna

This bullet vibrator is surprisingly strong. So strong, in fact, that I opted to use the Pleasure Works Luna over my jeggings after an orgasm or two. Using it on my bare clit, with a bit of lube, was incredibly stimulating. While the gushy tip certainly made things more comfortable, I was in the stage of my menstrual cycle where everything is a bit too sensitive. I found that the Luna is more doable than other plastic vibrators. That being said, I preferred it on higher settings over my pants.

The first setting is quite ordinary. It isn’t powerful, but it is a bit much when you get to the third – and highest – intensity level. Honestly, though, that isn’t a bad thing. I liked that I didn’t have to take off my pants to get my rocks off. It’s a convenient way to masturbate, certainly. While I am not a huge fan of patterns, I was pleased that the Luna came with different options.

The vibrations on the lowest setting are quite rumbly. It’s no Tango or Touch X, but it is more rumbly than others I’ve tried. The two higher settings get buzzier as they climb. Although I usually cannot get off with buzzy vibes (with some exceptions, the Luna was so mighty that I came before I could go numb from the buzzy vibrations.


I quite enjoyed the Pleasure Works Luna! The vibrations are strong and high without numbing my vulva. That may be partly because I was able to use this on higher settings above my pants. The color of the Pleasure Works Luna is a calming grey that will likely appeal to more people than a raging purple or pink that is so common with sex toys. The single button that controls this toy is simple and resets after each time it’s turned off.

I’d recommend this toy. It’s not the best vibrator that I’ve come across, but it’s far from the worst. I would argue that it’s not quite worth the $67.99 price tag. It’s nothing especially unique. If it was incredibly rumbly or had more settings, it may be worth more, but it may not be the best option for everyone for the price.

You can buy the Pleasure Works Luna at Babeland for $67.99 at the time this review was posted.

Pleasure Works Luna





  • Squishy silicone is gentle on sensitive body parts
  • Grey is a nice, non-offensive color
  • Speed three is POWERFUL
  • Multiple patterns
  • Did not give me the "numbing" sensation buzzy vibes will often give


  • The price is high for a toy like this
  • The higher you get with intensity, the more buzzy the vibrations become

6 thoughts on “Review: Pleasure Works Luna

    1. Thank you! I like it tooooo! It’s hard, though, because I have to take pictures as I go on a neighborhood walk and I’m always worried people will see what I’m up to.

  1. I’m impressed that the vibrations came through the squishy layer so well, usually that has a major dampening effect. I guess Pleasure Forge upped the power to compensate for this.

    1. Yeah, I mostly used it over pants on the second and third settings. I liked that it was squishy for when my vulva is sensitive. If this toy was half the cost I’d suggest getting it. It’s a good toy and does the trick. It’s just that damn pricepoint. Also, I think you mean Pleasure Works 😉

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