IMG_2980Fucking the Iroha Minamo was like fucking a pillow. Except that pillow was in me. Which was… Comfortable. That’s the best way to describe the feeling of the toy. It’s slim, not nearly as slim as Iroha Mikazuki but still slim enough that it didn’t do a very good job of getting me off.

However, the waviness of the toy gave me the strangest feeling a toy ever has. I could feel the waves but it didn’t apply pressure like a hard or medium silicone toy would (even Bad Dragons medium doesn’t feel the iroha Mikazuki. And that shit is soft). The best way I can describe the feeling is that of a Tempur-Pedic pillow being thrust in and out of me. It formed itself to my body, in a weird way, in a way that was just “meh.” The shape of the toy remained the same but there was less pressure internally.

The toy as a vibrator externally: I sure as hell wasn’t able to get off on the vibrations alone. The harder I pushed (as you can imagine) the less I could feel the weak vibrations (much to my chagrin) but it was necessary that I pushed because I could hardly feel the damn thing. The tip collapsed in on itself like a pillow would. I’m trying to think if you could get off with a vibe through a pillow, possibly with the Original Magic Wand or the Tango, but certainly not this toy. Inside me as a vibrator I did get some comfortable (there’s that fucking word again) feeling but that’s not something I crave, something I MUST. HAVE. in a toy with which I want a good fuck.

Here’s the deal: I’m not a size queen (as we discovered when I fucked that Captain) but I do need some girth to feel filled up. This toy didn’t fill me up like, say, the Mustang would, even though it, like the Iroha, is squishy and somewhat thinner than I prefer.

The packaging was classy. It came in a large box that sported the same color of the toy. The charger is a case that the toy rests in. Charging it was a bit spotty. The toy had to be in the exactly right spot for the connection to be made and the toy to charge.

The boring stuff:

One charge lasts 90 minutes; 7″ insertable length (all of it); waterproof up to 19″ (or would that be “down to”?). The toy is completely waterproof.

You’ll notice that all of the toy is insertable. That’s because there is no base. You know what no base means? It means don’t shove it up your butt. This is not an anally safe toy. The only toys that are safe to stick up your rear are toys with a base or a stopper of some sorts.


There are apparently four vibration settings, or so the website says. I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t feel them. Three of theIMG_2979m different strengths of a steady vibration while the last is a pulsating pattern. Two simple buttons control the vibrations that you want, something that I greatly appreciate. The last thing you want before you come is to almost be there but have no clue how to get the vibrations to suit your needs.

The deal:

Here’s the deal, this toy is going to work with someone, probably a beginner or someone With a sensitive vagina but it just didn’t work for Me. It was comfortable but I don’t want comfort, I want a good fuck. But if you’re looking for a toy that vibrates for external use, this is not the toy for you.  But, that doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily hate this toy. I remember when I first stretched my hymen I was sore as hell and this would have been a good toy to screw for a while later as I was recovering from the pain. Another positive about the toy is that it didn’t hurt my cervix as I rammed it inside my vagina. This is a safe toy for internal use.

Thanks, Good Vibrations, it was my (comfortable) pleasure. You can buy the Iroha Minamo at GV.   

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