My reaction?

8/10 for size, depth and texture

Fucking nothing for that bullet

I used to think I was not a fan texture. That was, until I tried the Mini Rippler. I’m no size queen, as you’ve heard me say before, but I thought I would be disappointed with the size difference between the Mini and, say, the Cadet. On the contrary, I thought it was awesome that I was able to fully take a toy in my pussy. Usually there’s an inch (at least) between the opening of my vagina and the base of the toy. Not with the Mini. The Mini Rippler was the perfect size for me. At first, as most of you know, the vagina “tents,” become much longer in size to accommodate a penis. Once I was properly aroused it was a bit too small. However, the ripples on the Mini Rippler made up for what the Mini lacked in size. If you think the Mini may be too small you can get the big Rippler

The texture reminded me of a ribbed condom–a ribbed condom that had HUGE ribs. I know that the most sensitive part of the vagina is the outermost part of the pussy and that’s where I felt it the most. My most favorite spot of fucking myself with a phallic toy is having it pound against my c-spot. It hurts but at the same time it’s such a wonderful, strong feeling. Unfortunately, the Mini Rippler did not deliver. It was just too short.

It’s supposed to be a g-spotter toy but it didn’t stimulate my g-spot. It could very well be because I was distracted by the “ripples” part of the toy. It wasn’t a popping sensation when the ripples hit the opening of my cunt like I expected it to be, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like any other dildos I’ve fucked. The Cadet had a very pronounced head that “popped” in and out of me; the Bullseye had a large head, Mini Rippler does not. I suppose that was slightly disappointing, the lack of a large head. I do prefer toys that are larger but I must admit that the Mini Rippler was incredibly easy to insert, probably because of the lack of the large head.

Dear god, seriously, another buzzy bullet? I have no patience for the bullet that comes with the vibrating dildo’s by Pleasure Works. Enough already, I’ve made it very clear that I don’t want something that feels like one big, constant tickling or bee buzzing. I can’t come with that shit on my clit, it’s temporarily numb from overstimulation. I don’t know why I bothered trying the bullet that came with it. I’ve learned my lesson. For me, there is pleasure with the Pleasure Work (see what I did there?)  vibration of the bullet. However, I must tell you, Good Vibes is providing me with a Tango. Hopefully that works better, because, you should know, you aren’t limited to the vibrator that comes with the dildo. There is a hollow place for any bullet to be inserted. That makes up for that piece of shit buzzing bee pretending to be a vibrator.

The boring stuff:

The Mini Rippler is Teal or Black silicone 5 ½” x 1 5/8.” I got mine in teal, a beautiful bright blue that is eye catching. This is a damn good looking dildo.

Bottom line: I would recommend this toy to someone who is experimenting with texture or a lover of texture.

Thank you, Good Vibes! You can get the Mini Rippler here or the bigger version of the Mini, the Rippler.


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