Review: Tantus Purr (I Wasn’t Purring)

Review: Tantus Purr (I Wasn’t Purring)


How it all started: You have no idea how excited I was when Tantus sent me a little bundle of toys. Since I first started reviewing, a year and a few months ago, I had my sights set on Tantus. Other reviewers raved about them and I knew I would need to jump on board with them ASAP. The first product of theirs, a small butt plug, I hated. I asked for a small toy to get my butt used to play but I literally coughed that fucker out of my ass. Even though the toys are excellent quality, I was worried about how well they were designed. The great thing about Tantus is that their toys are all so different. If one thing doesn’t work for me, another one is bound to work. Eventually. It’s my job to help you find the one that’s right for your body, so you don’t bust your wallet trying toys that don’t work for you.

The Good: The Tantus Purr is an anal-safe toy that could, I imagine, double as a big butt plug, if not only a fast, anal fuck. The bottom of the toy is smaller than both the shaft and the head, allowing one’s asshole to close around it and keep the toy in. While my butt isn’t able to handle that length, I would imagine it’s perfect for someone into long dildos up their butt.

The largish head does not make the toy hard to insert, something I struggle with. Though it’s not much larger than the shaft, it was bulbous enough for me to be wary; the hesitation was unnecessary.

While I’m still anorgasmic(ish) (yes, there is an “ish” for me), this was a toy I was able to enjoy, but not immensely. The ribbed sensation, while not something I love ordinarily, it was a welcome stimulation without the promise of orgasm; but I wouldn’t seek out this toy, there are plenty of other textured dildos I prefer over this one. Something to note, though, was that I felt the vibrations up through the tip of the toy, which is quite impressive, depending on what vibe you use, you’ll probs feel it, too.

Something Neutral: The head, man. It has such promise, looking like that. Not to mention the curve of the toy. It should be noted that Tantus does not suggest that this toy is a g-spotter, it just appears to be  shaped as such. This toy offers a girth of 1.4″ and unique sensations, something that texture sluts will go crazy after. Granted, I don’t necessarily consider myself a texture slut, but I do enjoy dildos more than vibrators, so when I get a textured dildo my interest level goes through the roof.

The Bad: It reminded me a bit like sandpaper, more so than the ribbed condoms; which is odd, considering how large the ribs are on the Purr. This sensation, however, could be pleasurable for someone else with an asshole/vag wanting a rough ride. The ribs gave me a popping sensation as I pushed it in, and on the way out (as to be expected), but that popping only made me wince.

When I tried it hands free and clenched I wasn’t able to hold it still. It didn’t slide out but it did slide down when I tried to clench over (slight) curve. On top of that, I was only able to feel full when I clenched as tight as I could–which is quite firm.

IMG_4898Let’s Get Physical!

The ribs could feel pleasurable to many; there was no forgetting that that was the texture of the toy; these ribs were out and proud! As mentioned above, this toy is of average size (says the woman who doesn’t like dick, big or small) and is not realistic, something I very much appreciate in toys, though it’s not something that will stop me from liking a toy. It’s phallic, but the similarity to a dick stops there. In my opinion, a toy that is eerily realistic can be just as good as a non-realistic toy and the look does not effect my opinion of the toy.

The Purr came with a bullet hole but the bullet didn’t work. I was offered another bullet but I declined. In the past, and this may not be the case for Tantus vibes, I haven’t liked the ones that came with the toy. I was itching to try my favorite bullet, the Tango, so I used that sucker with the Ribbed. (Pro tip: lube up the bullet so that it’s easy to insert and take out of the Purr.) Tantus also offers a suction cup (that I have yet to try) that can be used with toys with this style of toy.IMG_4900

The material is flexible and a pretty, glossy purple that reflects the light with contrasting colors. It’s no Bad Dragon flexible; in fact, it’s quite stiff, which means that it does feel every so slightly as large as it really is. A softer toy will make a larger toy (such as a dual-density toy or a VixSkin toy) not feel quite as overbearing but because the Purr is not what I’d consider a large toy, it was not too overwhelming. Still, it is quite large (both in girth and def in length), to be perfect for a beginner. However, this will largely depend on your body. When I first started jacking off with dildos, this would have been too big for me, too wide, too long, and even now it can’t go in my ass. Does this mean this isn’t the toy for you? Not at all! Give it a whirl if this sounds like something you’d like.

This may go without saying but the Purr is waterproof and silicone. As long as you take out whatever bullet you choose to use, you can wash with soap, boil it for 3 minutes, or throw it in the washing machine (the latter two sanitize the toy).

Would I suggest you get this toy? This is a really hard one (pun intended), and that’s no con. In most cases I’d suggest that you do give this toy a ride, because every body is different and this toy is no exception. Do be excited if you like using your own bullet in your vibrating dildos–you’ll have fun with this one! Visit Tantus (awesome) banner below (or right thur <—)and I’ll get moar toys!









  • Fun Color
  • Body-safe Silicone
  • Option for Vibe


  • Bullet too Buzzy

9 thoughts on “Review: Tantus Purr (I Wasn’t Purring)

  1. Aww, that’s disappointing. I suppose I might have to rethink buying this one. Thank you for this!

    1. It doesn’t mean this toy wouldn’t go well with your body, it very well could! I made a sales page in case you do want to get it with le discounts. If you do purchase it, let me know what you think!

  2. What bullets will fit these? I have a toy chambered for the standard Tantus bullet, but I would really like to see if I can make internal vibrations work for me with a stronger vibe.

    1. The Tango works just fine! I don’t know what the standard width of the average bullet is, though. I do know that the Pleasure Work vibes (which suck) can probs also fit in there. Honestly, those are the only three kinds I have.

  3. Wow, the Wevibe Tango works in stuff like this? That’s incredible. Another reason I should own one of those.

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