The Magic (Wand) Keeps on Happening

This is a rather short review, I’ve included the link to the Original Magic Wand below.

When I got this toy:

Holy crap, you guys. Holy crap. Could the Magic Wand get any better? That’s what I asked myself when I was offered the opportunity to review the rechargeable Magic Wand. This shit be crazy, boi. Seriously. It had the same power that the non-rechargeable Magic Wand had, with four times as many vibration options, several patterns (something I didn’t care much for) and an easy “push” on-and-off button, not at all similar to the Original Original Magic Wand, but just as effective and easy to manipulate.

Whelp, it’s true, guys, the Magic Wand could get better–with the addition of the pulsation patterns and power options–at least, it was able to stay as awesome if you don’t want to call the former “better.” Yes, please, thank you, feel free to give me more, Maxiwand.

Let’s get physical!

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is just as unattractive as the original wand but feels just as wonderful. Yes, please, thank you.

Zomg zomg zomg the head is made out of silicone. SILICONE. As in, non-toxic, non-porous, and easy to clean and won’t harbor bacteria (as long as cleaned well). Now, you can’t go boiling the Magic Wand like you could a silicone toy, or throw it in the dishwasher, but you sure as heck can splash a tad bit of water on the head or toy cleaner in order to make is share-able. On top on that, I was able to use it against my bare skin with lube, something I couldn’t do with the original Wand. However, when I tried that the vibrations were much too intense on the second of the four levels. Even the first was too intense if I positioned it on my clit hood for more than 15 seconds or so. A dollop of lube, however, made it more bearable.


There are three buttons: an on-off switch, a controller for the four power level settings, and a button that creates a cycle throughout the pattern settings.



This thing is loud and does something that the other one doesn’t: it shakes. It’s the weirdest thing; when I apply pressure against my body, the Magic Wand spazzes out. Not like vibrations, mind you, but like the head is going to fall the fuck off. When I release the pressure it behaves itself which doesn’t do shit for me because I need the pressure. I was still able to experience pleasure, I just had to cover myself with the comforter to not wake up my apartment-mates. That being said, with the fan on high in my room, you couldn’t hear the Magic Wand doing its…magicalness.

And then there was:

The vibrations–four mother fucking levels. It’s cray. Four levels of amazing. I tried the third and fourth level once but I quickly took the vibrations down to the second. Those suckers were way too intense for my vulva. The first level was rumbly, something that the two-speed, corded Magic Wand was not. I love rumbly vibrations, hence my love for the Tango.

This is my go-to vibrator, as the original Magic Wand and Tango were. The rechargeable, however, allows me to jack off wherever I so choose. How cool is that?


I was going to write a clever “You’d like this if….” but the thing is, this toy offers something for everyone who likes vibrations, rumbly or buzzy, powerful or not so much. You’ll find a way to make it work for your body.

For those of you living in the UK: Have no fear, Maxi Wand is carrying a UK-specific Wand for you! Right now the rechargeable Magic Wand is only available to those living in the US and Canada. For those lucky ones living where the Original Magic Wand is available, go go go pick one up. You won’t regret it.

Thank you to Maxi Wand for sending me the Magic Wand Rechargeable; it was my pleasure 😉 You can get it directly off their site by clicking on the link above.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable










All that aside



  • Silicone Head
  • More than two speeds
  • Patterns


  • Loud(ish)
  • Big and bulky


  1. The silicone head is wonderful – took them long enough, but so good that it’s happened!

    And now we get rumbly vibrations from the lower speeds?? Damn, I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need the rechargeable until my corded wand died. So much for that plan…

  2. I know the Hitachi is sort of the Holy Grail of vibrators, or um, back massagers, depending on who you ask, but I have yet to try one. This one looks more convenient than the original. That big wire freaked me out.

      1. Ow. I’ve had that happen a few times in the past and was told (by a person more knowledgeable than I about electrical installations) that it may mean the wiring in the building is faulty in some way. Perhaps it would be possible and helpful for that to be checked? (Obviously I cannot know a thing about your situation and I don’t want to come off as condescending; this is just a small, friendly suggestion that you’re welcome to ignore :))

  3. Weird, when I was handling the Rechargeable in the store, that thing was near dead-silent, much quieter than the original Hitachi. I was pressing p hard on it, too. I actually visited another store shortly after and tried another Rechargeable, and it was still barely audible. Maybe yours is a lil buggy?

    1. Maybe. The issue that I had most was the shaking and applying pressure. It was loud compared to some of the other toys I’ve tried 😉

  4. Now that I’ve had a while to read this properly — best thing since sliced bread? Now the only thing to be waiting for is another iteration that’s waterproof.

    (Psst! I think you meant ‘it’ here: “in order to make is share-able”)

    1. And of course, I forgot to ask (and no, this doesn’t count as two comments) — are you going to be reviewing the Lelo Smart Wand or the Doxy Massager? It would be great to have a comprehensive comparison between one/both of these and both of the Magic Wands.

      1. Don’t worry about the two question thing. I trust you 😛 I would fucking love to review them but I haven’t requested them yet. I’ll look into that ^_^

        1. I’ll keep my eyes peeled 🙂 I’ve only now noticed your TBR list is “upCUMming” and it cracked me up <3

          (I like to think of myself as a tiny proofreading helper for sex toy bloggers, as I tend to point out typos and such. Hope it's okay :))

          1. No no, it’s fine! I appreciate your proofreading. When I do it myself I miss things (you know how it is with your own writing) >.<

  5. I’ve always held off because I figured the handle would give me wrist fatigue, and I worried the vibrations would be too intense. The silicone head on this one sounds mighty tempting, though! Do you use any of the attachments they sell? I always wondered if something like the G-Whizz would be worth it…

    1. If that’s of any help, you could possibly prop the Wand up on a pillow or a blanket, or even buy/make a harness for it that would keep it in place (there *is* a rope tutorial on it somewhere in the internet). It’s intended for forced orgasm play, as far as I know, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be repurposed 🙂 Another option would be some Liberator gear — it’s expensive, but truly awesome (there are quite a few reviews of their various pieces around) and some of their models have a special ‘pocket’ for the Magic Wand (or pretty much any wand-style vibrator that is a similar size).

  6. Hooray for a silicone head, This seems to be an incredible improvement to an already fantastic toy!

  7. These are the kinds of toys that make me wish I could either have both sets of genitals or magically switch between them when I wanted. It’s hard to imagine what this would feel like if I was female.

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