REVIEW: Lube Aloe x Shea w/ Disclaimer

REVIEW: Lube Aloe x Shea w/ Disclaimer

I used my lube so often the packaging became less sightly.

DISCLAIMER: Since I posted it, the owner’s personal Twitter feed, which was public, revealed a series of regular misogynistic Tweets. Please consider this before purchasing.

First Impressions

If you’ve been following me for a while, or have read my blog a bit, you’ll see that I do not review a lot of lube. I have nothing against lube. Until now I’ve just found it….really boring. There’s only so much you can say about lube, right? After a while, isn’t it all the same?

But then the Butter’s Hygienics Co. found me on the web and offered me the The Butter’s Hygienics Co. Original Lube Aloe x Shea. After asking if I had any allergies (thank you for that!) we settled on the “Original Lube Aloe x Shea.” I was very happy that they thought to ask for my allergies, it’s something that I didn’t consider and the fact that they asked that right away was awesome.

I love the packaging. It came in a sturdy tub with a blue-and-white label that is stock-full of information. The packaging goes over ALL the ingredients of the lube, what the lube is compatible with (no condoms, please!), and the batch number and best buy date.

A Little About the Butter’s Hygienics Co.

The Butter’s is a black, queer-owned company and the products are made at home. I love this. Anything queer is something I can stand behind and, especially now, it’s incredibly important to support companies by people of color. I very much appreciate that they thought of me to review their product.

Their customer service was quick to respond to my many query’s and I very much appreciated that. They responded with as much information as they could offer me and they did it in a timely manner. It is comforting when I come across companies that truly stand by their products and, maybe more importantly, their customers.

This is an Oil-Based Lube

It’s not pretty, but this packs a punch, lasts a long-ass time, and is smooth going on and staying on.

Before the Butter’s, I’ve only used and reviewed variations of water-based lube and hybrid lube. I’ve stayed away from silicone because most of my toys are silicone (they don’t do well together), and it never occurred to me to try oil-based lube. To have it come more solid than I’m used to was a pleasant shock. It didn’t get everything messy when I tried to apply the Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea. I simply scooped out a bit of it and rubbed it on the toy or on myself,.

Boy, am I glad I did. If you’ve been following me you’ll see that I’m struggling to find comfort to review with my partner in the living room. I’ve been relying on baths and showers to give me a feeling privacy and security, although I have that wherever I am.

Baths are not my friend with internal toys. I can never get the damn lube to stick long enough for comfortable sex. However, I was able to use the Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea oil-based lube in the bath. That was a surprise and a relief. Finally, I have lube versatility in my toy box.

The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea is a Solid Lube

The lube itself presents as a soft, solid yellow lotion. It doesn’t have a smell other than Shea Butter which I happen to like because I work with it myself. While the scent is rather strong, I couldn’t smell it after I finished coating mhy toy with it. And here’s the fun thing: it only takes a little lube for this to work. That means that the Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea goes a LONG way.

The ingredients are all natural which makes me feel good. I like knowing that I’m putting something good for me in my body, no weird chemicals. Additionally, it is vegan, and never tested on animals.

The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea now sits beside my bed, on my nightstand with that nights’ vibrator for review. I love how it clings to my toys and lasts longer than liquid lubes I’m used to. Now that I have a tub of this oil-based Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea I’m able to have intercourse in the bath/shower more easily.

I Got Hung Up on Something …. That Isn’t a Real Issue

On the tub it says “Less irritation, UTIs & Yeast infections” which bothers me a tad. It made me feel like they were claiming that it could prevent them if you use the Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea instead of “regular” lube. But when I asked other bloggers to read it and see if their reaction was the same as mine was, I was less concerned with the responses. While I still think it’s misleading, it doesn’t impact the excellent quality of this lube.

Overall, The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea is a game-changer

The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea is the bomb. Not only does it come in the style I got, there are two others: The Butters Palm Grease Lube and The Butters Cocoa Butter Lube.

The fact that this lube is so long-lasting when in use, and that it goes such a long way is a treat. I never considered oil-based lubricant until I accepted the The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea. I highly recommend this lube. I’ve gained more sexual freedom because I’m able to take this lube into the bath.

You can get The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea at the following retailers and with these links I get a small portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you.

Get The Butter’s Hygienics Original Lube w/ Aloe x Shea

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The Butter's Hygienics Co. Original Lube Aloe x Shea


Variety of Lubes




Long Lasting


Application Ease


Packaging - Tub



  • It's a solid, oil-based lube
  • Works in the bath which is AWESOME
  • Lasts a long-ass time
  • 4 oz goes a LONG way
  • Jar it comes in is high-quality and secure


  • Smells like Shea Butter but it's not too strong
  • Gets the jar a little messy when you open it
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