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Although I end up trashing most packaging, the boxes We-Vibe toys come in are amazing. They’re thick, durable, and reusable. In fact, I store my witchy items in the packaging. With the exception of the massive Wand We-Vibe packaging, I’ve saved nearly all of them. In all honesty, the box excites me as much as the toys do.

Inside the box is the Jive, a beautiful, blue, electronic piece of vibrating sperm. It also comes with a storage bag, a charger, and some lube. The lube is a nice touch and I just fucking die when storage bags are included. These bags can potentially help elongate the life of your toy (by preventing scratches in the silicone that can harbor bacteria, for instance) and are an excellent touch.

The Jive vibrator comes with the standard charger that works with nearly all We-Vibe sex toy. When I first started out, I lost the Tango’s charger and was devastated. Now, I have a multitude and it only takes ones.

Let’s Get Physical


The Jive isn’t a small toy but it isn’t overwhelming. At It’s designed to settle in your vagina and press up against your g-spot. It delivers strong vibrations that provide constant stimulation. This isn’t a toy that I usually think of as a g-spotter, because I’m used to g-spotter’s with handles so I can apply the pressure I want.

The magnetic charger, with a 90-minute charge, will get you about 2 hours of play. The singular button that controls the We-Vibe Jive vibrator is on the tail of the Jive. It’s a flexible tail that rests outside of your vagina (no sticking this in your butt, it’s not anal-safe) and controls the toy. It serves absolutely no function other than to hang outside your body so you can withdraw the Jive vibrator and pull it out.

It Can Be App-Controlled

We-Vibe has an app called “We-Connect” that has laughably low ratings on the iOs store. However, I’m not here to address the app, just the functionality of the toy. Let me tell you a little bit about what app can do.

We-Connect allows a partner to control the Jive from bluetooth within 3 m or over WiFi (which is quite handy for the shelter-in-place time in which we live). Your partner (or you can use the app solo) is given access to the ten vibration patterns the Jive vibrator offers. Personally, I was thrilled with the vast array of vibe patterns even though I’m not a huge fan of them. However, you also, through the app, have the ability to create patterns of your own.

Jive is Rumbly as Fuck

As with all the other recent We-Vibe toys I’ve reviewed, the vibrations are rumbly. You’ll hear bloggers talk about rumbly = good, and buzzy = bad which is usually true for me (with this recent exception). And in the case of the Jive it’s absolutely wonderful.

Why’s that? Even on the higher settings the vibrations aren’t too buzzy. While it’s true that vibrations lose their rumbly as the speeds go up, the fact that it starts so low means that with the higher vibrations it’s still pretty rumbly. Buzzy vibrations (which is something I come across a lot as a blogger) numb my damn hands and my clit. I absolutely hated buzzy vibrations until recently. And, even then, it’s not an easy thing for me to like in the future.

Materials, Care, and Keeping

The blue silicone coating the entire Jive is body-safe and can simply be washed with soap and water. However, if you want, you can soak it in water: bleach solution to sanitize it if that makes you more comfortable. Body-safe means that you won’t have toxins leaking into your body like a lot of lower-quality toys have the potential to do. That, and it’ll last a lot longer than those fucking jelly toys would.

A rechargeable toy is a toy to be desired and the Jive is just that. Well, all We-vibe toys are rechargeable which is just The. Shit. All you do is stick the magnetic charger to the charging pads and let it sit there ’till there’s a full charge in the toy. Better for your wallet and better for the environment. You can pat yourself on the back when you get this toy and know you did the planet some good.

My Experience with Jive by We-Vibe

The Jive is a fully waterproof toy that is reminiscent of the rest of the We-Vibe toys. Now that both my partner and I are working from home (believe it or not, this is my work) I’ve been having some difficulty adjusting.

It’s one thing to masturbate with my partner next to me, it’s another to shut the door and have her in the living room having Zoom work meetings. So, as of now, the only comfortable place I can do myself is in the bath.

Even better, because the Jive is designed to go in the vagina and stay there, I could run a bath bomb without worrying about getting all sorts of contaminants in me. It’s always much appreciated when a toy can be so versatile in the bath. Sitting there, enjoying the vibrations was relaxing in itself.

I’ve found through my many years of being fucked, and fucking myself, that I like the dramatic. I like firm, hard thrusts and solid impact against my g-spot. The Jive did not offer that and, with the exception of something also up my ass, I didn’t feel the pressure against my g-spot.

Jive Worked Out My Kegels, Too

That being said, the vibrations travelled consistently throughout the toy. I could feel the vibrations against my g-spot, it just wasn’t enough to get me off. However, with the patterned vibrations I felt a clench in time with the pattern. This bodes well for its ability to act as a Kegel exerciser, for those who aren’t getting anything out of the shape and vibrations alone.

The button was easy enough to operate. By far one of the more easy wearable vibrators to control. Turn that fucker on and just get busy with it. Because the tail of the Jive is so long it was easy enough to reach between my legs to cycle through the patterns with no questioning what my fingers were doing.

Final Thoughts

While this wasn’t the right toy for me, that doesn’t reflect poorly on the Jive in the slightest. I loved the body-safe silicone, the fact that it was waterproof AND rechargeable, and I loved that it could be app-controlled.

It didn’t give me the g-spot stimulation that I needed. My body wants firm pressure against my g-spot and without a butt plug in the pressure from the Jive wasn’t prevalent enough. That being said, the vibrations, strong and rumbly, were superb and on par with the rest of the We-Vibe toys.

However, although the Jive didn’t get me off the way it was potentially intended, I found another use for it. Like Kegel balls that have a ball in them, the vibrations of the toy cause my vagina to spasm. That spasm plus my body keeping the Jive in on its own, made this a superb Kegel exerciser.

It’s a good toy. The g-spotting aspect wasn’t firm enough to get me off but the rumbly vibrations were perfect for stimulation. The navigation was great and it was able to be app-controlled which was very fun.

Someone who is looking for some targeted vibrations on their g-spot along the lines of the g-spotters, but want to take a more “back-seat” drive then this could do the trick. If you want something with more pressure, you’re more likely to get that pleasure from a hand-held device like the Mona.

While you’re here, check out some reviews of other We-Vibe toys on my blog like the Tango (my favorite bullet!), Rave/Nova (an amazing rabbit and g-spotter), Moxie (wearable panty-vibe), Wish (a palm-sized massager), and their new Wand vibrator.

You Can Get the Jive at the Following Sites

Be safe and go fuck yourself during these hard times. Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog. Go check them out! I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 

Jive by We-Vibe


Vibration Strength




Ease of use





  • Beautiful blue
  • one easy-to-control button
  • Stays in and can be used for kegels


  • Didn't give me the g-spot pressure I needed

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