REVIEW: Wicked Wings

REVIEW: Wicked Wings

Battery-Operated Vibrator with Option to Upgrade

Y’all, I’m so excited to give you yet another Fun Factory review. They are one of my favorite toy producers and I have yet to have a bad toy from them. Granted, a toy or two may not have fit my anatomy but the performance and quality of the toy makes me feel comfortable advocating for them. This review will be looking at the Wicked Wings, a Fun Factory “rabbit vibrator.”

Good Stuff

I fucking love rumbly toys. Pretty much all my experience with the rumbles has been from rechargeable toys, so I was surprised to find that the Wicked Wings gave me the rumbles that I like.

For a battery-operated toy, it’s quite powerful, yet the vibrations don’t carry uncomfortably to the handle of the Wicked Wings. While the vibrations are strong, they do become a bit muted when the Wings are pressed against my clit, but not enough to make it detrimental to the performance.

The Perks of Wicked Wings

Wicked Wings graces us with four speeds and six patterns. Although I’m not a huge fan of patterns, I do appreciate the option to have a little out-of-my-control-fun.

Wicked Wings is waterproof which means you can bring it in the bath or shower with you. Having a waterproof toy doesn’t just mean that you can take it in the bath, it also means that you can soap it up without worrying about damaging it.

In order to turn off – or on – Wicked Wings all you have to do is press the “FUN” button. Being able to turn the toy off in case of an emergency (say, someone walks into your room) is a welcome relief. It’s the worst when you have to find the right button and press down for ten seconds before the damn toy shuts off. Fun Factory has your back there.

Battery-Operated First, Rechargeable Option

There’s nothing more exciting than a rechargeable toy. Fun Factory does a wonderful job providing toys that are rechargeable, i.e. better for our failing environment. Although the Wicked Wings is a battery-operated toy it has the option to “upgrade.”

There is a short explanation of what this Hybrid Kit offers. Their site briefly explain what it means to upgrade the BATTERY+ toy with the Hybrid Kit. The Hybrid Kit charges rechargeable batteries inside the toy. Or, you can just buy the cable itself for $11.99 and get your own rechargeable batteries.

Just make your own kit

The kit is simply a standard Fun Factory magnetic charging cable with the addition of two double-A, rechargeable batteries. For that price just go out and buy your own damn batteries. If you have a Fun Factory rechargeable toy already, or are planning on getting one, just use that cable.

You are buying a battery-operated toy for $89.99. For that price I expect to get the cable with the toy. However, the performance of the Wicked Wings isn’t hindered by the fact that it’s a battery-operated toy.

The silicone, body-safe as it were, is incredibly rubbery which means a fair amount of lube is required. You can find lube through my affiliates here.

Who May Like This Toy? What are some alternatives?

If you’re feeling especially lazy and you just want to lie back and take it, I love the Fun Factory Pulsators. Pulsators use magnets to move the toy in a thrusting motion. The Bi-Stronic is a rabbit version of a Pulsator and while I found that the rabbit ears didn’t work in my favor, it may for you.

For those of us that are fans of toys without too much texture this rabbit vibrator may work. There is not much give to the wings and if your anatomy isn’t right for the wings, your clit may go without attention. Instead, the Nova rabbit toy keeps constant contact with your clit.

Suppose the wings don’t appeal to you at all but you’ve read this far and want some other ideas? If you’d like a toy that gives you a nice buzz but centers around your clit, I’ve had great luck with the Volta. The Volta also has little buddy, the Volita. In fact, the Volta is one of my favorite vibes.

The Amorino is yet another rabbit-style vibrator, this time with a belt of sorts. Once again, the performance depends on your anatomy but Wicked Wings offers shallow penetration.

If you’re interested in getting any of these toys, the click on the affiliate links provided. You can also click on the banner below to get to Wicked Wings.

At no extra cost to you, I get a small percentage of the sale. And if you’re just feeling like being a reader today, thank you for your time and I encourage you to take a look around.

Go fuck yourselves!

Wicked Wings








Button Design


Variety of vibrations



  • Beautiful color
  • Clever "rabbit" ears
  • Rechargeable option
  • Multiple powerful speeds
  • Waterproof


  • Have to purchase kit to make it rechargeable
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