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The Vixen Creations Vixskin Maverick

Initial thoughts on the Vixskin Maverick:

As with all my other large toys I thought, “Ow!” just by looking at it and it was the same going in. It felt like I was tearing. Whether because I was not aroused enough this last time makes sense but the first few times I warmed up with the Mustang and The Original Magic wand and it didn’t make taking the Maverick any more pleasant. Unfortunately, the pain never went away. 

The Good of the Vixskin Maverick:

The size. Incidentally, the 2″ girth is also under “The Bad.” This is a size queens perfect mate. I would go as far as to say that it’s for someone aiming to be a size queen, which is what I am. The Maverick looks good, really really good. Unlike the Mustang, the girth of the Maverick is filling and looks very inviting. The Maverick appears to be an uncircumcised penis with the foreskin retracted. It’s not something I went after when I requested this toy but for many this will be a decided factor. Too few companies carry uncircumcised dildos. Why is that? Many people attest that it doesn’t look as inviting but fuck them. There are circumcised and uncircumcised dicks out there and it’s only fair to represent everyone. The only other dildo I’ve come across that sported foreskin was the Mustang, another one of Vixen’s creations. It has a flared base which means that it’s anal safe! Rejoice!

Omg and it’s Vixskin, which is a dual density silicone. The outside of the dildo, and especially the head, is squishy, much like a real penis, while the core of the dildo is stiff, like an erection. The Vixskin made the dildo not feel quite so big which made it easier to take. If it had been firm silicone it would have been much more difficult.

And, here’s the deal, just because it hurt for me does not mean it’ll hurt everyone. So I put it in “The Bad” because it was not good for me, but this could very well belong in “The Good” for you.

The bad-ish-ness of the Vixskin Maverick:

As I mentioned, the Maverick looks good. Unfortunately, it looks too good for someone not accustomed to girth. Length was a bit much for me though that’s never an issue for me when a toy is too big. The easy fix is to simply not thrust too deep. However, I wasn’t able to thrust at all. It seemed as though the Maverick suctioned itself to the top of my vaginal wall. Because of the discomfort I experienced I was not able to feel much beyond the vaginal opening, any of the numerous times I tried out the Maverick. Quite honestly, that is the only “bad” that I could think of, and even that is very subjective. It’s a con for me, but certainly will be a pro for many people out there.


It was the strangest sensation I’ve only ever experienced once: the Maverick suctioned itself to something in my vagina so I wasn’t able to thrust at all, even if I had wanted to (and I didn’t because “ow”). It was eerily similar to the feeling I got with The Comet, when it got stuck behind my pubic bone. This is neither a bad nor a good because this wasn’t uncomfortable but it made it nearly impossible to thrust, which is not something I wanted to do anyway.

The boring stuff:

Maverick is 7″ tall and a whopping 2″ girth, which makes it the largest toy I’ve tried but certainly not the largest (girthiness) toy by Vixen Creations (see: Randy). It comes in three different shades: Vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. It’s silicone which means that it is body safe and can be boiled 

The packaging is eerily similar to the storage/display boxes for expensive beanie babies, but I totally loved that! It makes it look like a classy piece of silicone that I can display for all to see.

Closing thoughts/TL;DR

Size queen? Aspiring size queen? This is the toy for you. Someone with a sensitive vagina and can’t handle girth? Probs not for you. I couldn’t comfortably take the length and girth of the Maverick but it was definetly fun to try my best to. This is a toy I won’t use regularly but I will use it as a conditioning dildo; because it’s good quality.

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  1. Ow, sorry that it turned out to be painful after the not-quite-enough that you got from the Mustang. Perhaps someday this will turn out to be a more comfortable and pleasant toy! 🙂

    (Psst! A tiny typo: “definetly” :))

    1. Thank you for catching the typo, I’ll fix that. I edit my own stuff and I always miss something. I can’t spell for shit (but I can spell shit!) and sometimes autocorrect fails me 🙁

      When you catch typos, def tell me! 🙂

      As for the Maverick, just because it was painful for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily (I had to look up how to spell that o.O) be for yew. Quite honestly, I tend to shove toys up my vag without enough warm up. I really should have gone slower with this. I apologize for not doing that. I assure you, though, that this is a wonderful, fun toy, that size queens will love and peeps who aren’t size queens can quite possibly love this too with warm up.

      I will revisit *all* of my reviews to spruce them up so keep checking back! My first reviews were terrible (I had no idea what I was fucking doing back then) so I’ll be starting with those and work my way up to the Maverick.

  2. I love Vixskin, but I know this one will be too big (the Mustang is just about right for me). Funny that there isn’t one in between…I assumed the Tex was, but it just looks girthier than the Mustang because it’s shorter.

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