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Scorn the Wyvern with Cumtube by Bad DragonIMG_3813 

This review is a long time coming and well overdo, considering how much I loved this product and want to share it with you guys. Ever since the Fleshlight Zombie dildo I realized that I love textured toys. Whelp, let me tell you, Scorn is very much textured. And O-M-G I so want a Bad Dragon extra-large toy but god knows that thing would never fit in me.

Initial Thoughts:

Quite possibly everything. The texture of the toy is amazing. I got Scorn in the small size after getting the small of Crackers the Cockatrice, who was a monster. I was a bit worried the mini would be underwhelming like the Flora was but I was pleasantly surprised to find Scorn quite filling. It was girthy and filling, even though the length wasn’t overwhelming like Crackers was for my (apparently) tiny vagina.

I picked Scorn because he had a very dramatic curve that would either be a hit or a miss for my g-spot. Honestly, I didn’t notice anything spectacular about the curve, which surprised me. It could have been that I haven’t been getting too aroused lately because of my med change but there was an easy fix to keeping me lubed up; I got Scorn with a cumtube! I decided not to get it with Crackers because it grossed my queer self out and I very much wanted a suction base. Because Scorn is a small, I wasn’t able to get him with a suction base and a cumtube but, considering how I’ve been having issues getting lubed up, I made a very wise decision.

The cumtube was the bomb. And boy, was it cummy (that’s totes a word now). The color combination was just beautiful. While Crackers was a mixture of neon(ish) pink, purple, and blue, Scorn was a pastel version of my favorite three colors. Bad Dragon did a wonderful job making Scorn beautiful for me. Quite frankly, I consider their toys to be art: dildo art. The styles of the toys are well-thought out and the colors beautifully molded.

A quick thought about the customization of the toy. With Scorn there are several options: small through extra-large (which is, quite truly, a beast); cumtube or no; any color you can imagine; and a suction base for the larger toys.

I truly thought that it’d be the perfect g-spotting toy, I’ll address that in “The Bad” although it wasn’t necessarily a “bad.” I chose the softer silicone and it was heavenly. The silicone heats up to your body temperature and that combined with soft silicone, conforming itself to my body was just so perfect.

The texture was wonderful. It’s was completely different from the Zombie dildo. Scorn had ridges on the back that I could feel on my perineum, a very pleasant feeling. The tip of the dildo is a bit pointy and I was worried about that hitting my cervix but it was soft enough that it didn’t.

As for the cumlube: it was super sticky. I haven’t had dick in a while so I can’t quite be sure about this but I don’t recall cum being so stringy and sticky. I made Scorn cum on my vulva, just for added effect, and when I lifted the toy up the cumlube came with it. That being said, I fucking loved the look of the cum. It didn’t wash off of me very easily but it looked very much like the real thing. I had the urge to make it cum on my face for added effect but considering how difficult it was to get it off my stomach and out of my pubic hair I thought it was probs better not to involve my face.

That. Is hot. If I do say so myself. Post cum on vulva by Scorn

If you aren’t sure if what softness/harness of the silicone you are interested in, Bad Dragon sends out samples for a few dollars. Just keep in mind that the harder the toy, the larger it will feel. For my vagina, the more squishy it was, the more comfortable it was.

The Bad: 

I had to think very hard about this section: All vagina’s are different (and anuses, but I was too much of a pussy to try taking Scorn in my ass) so it not hitting my g-spot doesn’t mean that it won’t hit your g-spot or prostate (or both for you lucky ducks that have both). I think the curve of the Scorn’s body was just too extreme for it to be positioned correctly. Besides, I also got it very soft so it would mold to my body during use and so that it would feel smaller than if it was a harder silicone. Again, not a bad thing at all. I’m putting this in the cons section because it flows better but that was only a con for this toy. Other than that, I very much prefer softer toys so they’re not so overwhelming. Scorn was not overwhelming though that meant that it didn’t fit my body quite right.

The Boring Stuff:

The circumference of Scorn in small was 6.25″ and 4″ insertable, being a total of 5″ long. It sounds small, sure, but it was plenty enough for me to take. The diameter of the head was “1.95 and the body of the toy was 2”.


Didn’t hit my g-spot but with the “soft” option it was squishy enough that it didn’t feel like a super huge toy. If it’s a super large toy you’re looking for, Scorn comes in small-extra-large which is a beast. Would I recommend it? Yep, as I have with all the other Bad Dragon toys I’ve tried (well, one). Quite frankly, it seems like you can’t go wrong with the wide selection of options Bad Dragon offers for each toy.

You can get Scorn the Wyvern from Bad-Dragon (click on the picture). Thank you Bad Dragon, it was my pleasure 😉



  1. I’m sooooo jealous@! I’ve played around with someone in my pack’s Bad Dragon toys and they’re so well made and fun. The cumtube is just an added bonus! Great review.

  2. Very nice review. I have always been fascinated yet terrified of bad dragon toys. They always looked too rough, but I hear from everyone that is not the case.

    Haha, loved the “TL;DR.” I have never seen that in reviews. The picture was a nice touch too. 😉

    Also, cumtubes sound amazing.

  3. I love Bad Dragon. Just a few short years ago, I was making jokes about how bizarre having a dragon dildo would be; now, I have five teeny weenies on my bookshelf, some sample disks on my desk for squeezable toys, a Nova, Anthto Dragoness, plenty of cumlube, one of their vibes, and I’m planning on picking up a Gryphon as well as a coffee mug.

    The best part? I live with my parents and three siblings, and none of them bay an eye at this point.

  4. An excellent review! I had never really considered getting Scorn from BD, but after reading your thoughts and experiences I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

  5. I love the curve of Scorn. I’m currently working my way to buying an XL and not only be able to use it as a “silicone sculpture” lol. Love the review.

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