REVIEW: Stronic G Pulsator II

stronic g pulsator fun factory

REVIEW: Stronic G Pulsator II

Here’s why the Stronic series is so special to me.

stronic g pulsator fun factory
Stronic G Pulsator Fun Factory

I’m going to start off this review of the Stronic G Pulsator II by telling you a little bit about me and my connection with the Stronic series. Must warn you, shit’s gonna get deep, peeps. Real deep.

In 2014 my Grammy was in hospice under our care. My mother and I took shifts to care for her.  

In order to find some relief from the oppressing force that was taking away her life, I’d walk to Good Vibes and play with the toys. One day, the day it all started, I bought a rather sizable gift for myself courtesy of my two closest girlfriends: a Stronic Eins by Fun Factory in don’t-look-directly-at-it-or-eye-damage hot-pink. I’d never had such a grand toy, and with that exciting purchase, and the large bottle of Slippery Stuff lube, I brought the toy over to show my mom and Grammy.

It was shortly after that, after my mother and Grammy ooh’d and awww’d over my purchase, that I met a friend who told me that there are people who blog about sex, people who take it a step further and review sex toys.

I knew I had to do it because I’d just found a way to keep busy and uplifted. There isn’t one reason why I started sex blogging and I hope to get to them all soon enough, but it was in 2014 when I realized that I could make this a “thing” for me.

Some thoughts on the Stronic G Pulsator II and Fun Factory

The Stronic Eins started my reviewing career and I’m grateful for Fun Factory for making a toy as grand as this one, a toy that changed my life and how I would spend my days from 2014 to present.

All the mushy stuff aside, I now proudly own every single Stronic toy. I’ve watched them go from the basic (Eins) to the funky (Bi-Stronic) to the anal (Stronic Zwei–you get some vag video’s in this link) and the Stronic Drei for those that love texture. I’m delighted to say that this toy is one-of-a-kind and my favorite one thus far. I’m a huge fan of g-spotting toys and the Stronic G excels in that department with its hooked head and thrusting power.

Each Stronic edition is completely unique both from each other in shape; and they are different from all other toys I’ve tried. This is saying something, a lot has been in and out and in then out of my vagina. In other words, I’ve been around town, honey, and the Stronic G is different from all other dildo-ish toys I’ve put inside me.

Fun factory utilizes magnets bomb as fuck to create a thrusting motion (and it doesn’t pinch my labia). With all the Stronic G Pulsator II you can control the speed of the thrusts with some super cool buttons that don’t fuck around. You want it slow and steady? Press dat button. How about so fast it feels like you’re being fucked by a fully functional android? If you’re up for it, you can squeeze your kegels to control the depth of the thrusts (try using the Luna Beads or the  KGoal to build up strength).

A Bit About the Stronic G

The head of the Stronic G is curved so that it hits one’s g-spot. I’ve heard that for some women who have had children, have difficulty using a hooked dildo. While I do not have that problem, from what I understand, the Stronic Eins is less invasive.

The Stronic G, like all others, has three buttons: a “+”, a “-“, and a “Fun” button. The Stronic G is turned on by the Fun button and turned off just as quickly. When you reach the maximum speed the toy allows you to explore different patterns.

All recent Fun Factory toys can be turned off and locked for travel. The Stronic G Pulsator II is no exception, hold the “-” button and the “Fun” button at the some time and it’s locked. (Though I’d find it absolutely hilarious if mine went off in the airport.) The Stronic G Pulsator II is also charged magnetically. Fun Factory toys charge much like an apple computer: If you come between the cord and the charging Stronic G then it’ll disconnect safely, without causing harm to you or the toy.

While the silicon isn’t smooth, I don’t hold that against Fun Factory. In fact, it’s a positive in my book. Why would I call silicone that isn’t velvety a positive? Because it makes the toy easier to hold in your vag without using your arms. I have strong PC muscles so it’s easier for me to do that than other people in a regular jack-off sessions. I’ve been working on my kegels ever since I found out that it can create stronger orgasms.

Because it’s non-porous it doesn’t need to be sanitized. If you’d like to do that, try a bleach (10{3f7c80553853438a366aef0b7e76dba6b33433c1f55cb64b62d723dc82ff4775}) and water solution. Don’t boil it like you would with a completely silicone dildo, that toy ain’t set up like that.

My Experience with the Stronic G

The Stronic G wasn’t turned on every time it went into me. That’s how cool they can be.  Using the Stronic G doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be on. The weight of that toy, while not too heavy (the first edition Eins was very heavy) creates a pleasurable pressure sensation against my butt. And, when the Stronic G II is pressed upward, it hits my g-spot, on or off.

I’ve never been a fan of patterns; I know what I like and I like to get me off in the most convenient way possible. However, there are just sometimes when I feel lazy and the Stronic G allows me to get off while not doing a damn thing. While I’m able-bodied, I’ve heard that the Stronic series could make one’s doing-of-one’s-self easier. In my case, when my carpal tunnel acts up and I can’t rely on my wrists, the Stronic G is a great toy to use when I must get off

Anything that is that heavy and thrusts on full speed is gonna hit my damn cervix. The Stronic G II firmly pressed deep inside my vagina and made its way to my cervix, until it got deep enough to hit my a-spot. It’s a dichotomy, I know, liking my a-spot stimulated while disliking things hitting my cervix like a dildo that isn’t thrusting hard enough. If it’s not going to make it worth it, don’t touch my cervix. However, I can also get off on the uncomfortable pressure against my a-spot, when fully aroused.  

The Stronic G is waterproof, which means you can take it in the shower and go at it. Though the Stronic G is very quiet, if you have thin walls, taking the Stronic G into the shower will mask most noise and could be a good solution to the roommate/family problem.

While I can’t orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, holding the Tango, my favorite bullet vibe, against my clit while the Stronic G thrusts away, hands-free can get wack me over the edge. On Fun Factory’s site they suggest ways to pair the toy with a partner (as an addition to oral sex), they stress that you can lay on your back or stomach and let the Stronic G do it’s thing for you; or, like I did, you can pair it with your favorite vibrator.

When it died I was able to continue using it… with my hands, as cumbersome as that may feel after some seriously lazy masturbating.

My favorite part of sex are deep thrusts that rock my body. The Stronic G can’t knock me over, much to my chagrin, but it sure as fuck can rock my insides like a dick or fingers still can’t do.

I’d imagine fucking a mechanical partner would feel like this. It doesn’t slow down right when the timing is most critical.

I’ve never been able to get off from intercourse stimulation alone because I hate things pressing up against my cervix. Anything that is that heavy and thrusts on full speed is gonna hit my damn cervix. While it didn’t hurt, it isn’t pleasurable. Until it got deep enough to hit my a-spot. It’s a dichotomy, I know, liking my a-spot stimulated while disliking things hitting my cervix.

Anything that is that heavy and thrusts on full speed is gonna hit my damn cervix. While it didn’t hurt, it isn’t pleasurable. Until it got deep enough to hit my a-spot. It’s a dichotomy, I know, liking my a-spot stimulated while disliking things hitting my cervix.

So, What are My Final Thoughts?

The Stronic G is probably my favorite in the Stronic series. I have found that if there’s going to be something in my vagina, I want it to have more of a purpose than just…being there. G-spotters have legit business being up in my business. I approve.

While they say no dildo can take the place of a man’s penis, I say fuck that. The Stronic G is not like a man’s penis. It’s a sexual acustrement that can go on much longer than a partner can without assistance. And sometimes I really need that.

I’ll soon have the latest, the “Real Stronic” in my hands vagina and can let you know how that adds up. It’s similar in design to the Boss dildo that Fun Factory made.

Don’t think you’ll like the Stronic G Pulsator II?

If you are looking for something more stationary, something that you can control the thrusts and the depth, check out the Pure Wand, my favorite stationary g-spotter,a completely metal, heavy toy that I adore.. If you want something in your butt, consider Stronic Drie , or the Bi-Stronic. Want something that has less of a g-spotting tip? The Stronic Eins is a good toy to explore.  Thinking the Stronic route isn’t the way to go? The Comet II provides a dramatic, vibrating g-spotting sensation while the Uma is a less dramatic g-spotter. 

And, as always, if you think this toy isn’t going to be the right one for you, take a look at the rest of my site to see if there’s something else you’d think works for your body.

You can get the Stronic G here. Thank you so much, Fun Factory, and to the rest of you: go do yourselves!

Stronic G Pulsator II








Pulsator Quality



  • Beautiful Color
  • It fucking pulsates
  • Hands-free sexing
  • lazy sex


  • Not super-quiet
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