Review: Girl Crazy– Coming Out Erotica

Review: Girl Crazy– Coming Out Erotica


Cleis Press was kind enough to give me a copy of Girl Crazy, an anthology of “coming out” lesbian erotica edited by Sacchi Green. I’d only recently been introduced to erotica on my birthday when my two -awesome- girl friend’s gave me The Best Lesbian Erotica 2014. Before that my only relationship with erotica was smutty, poorly-written Harry Potter fan-fiction most likely written by a 13-year-old girl crushing on Harry and Draco (why not put the two of them together—and make babies!). Let me assure you, this is not fan-fiction. These are extremely well-written shorts by women who know what women like.

There’s vanilla sex and kink play. There’s butch-on-butch, lipstick lesbian to another and women trying on other women for fit (pun intended). What was refreshing about this collection of erotica was that it detailed the coming-out of individual women. It’s different for everyone and this anthology covers everything from what began as playful fun between two girl friends to a woman who knew what she wanted and was going to get it.

What sets this anthology apart from Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 is that these are stories every LGBTQ woman will be able to relate to. There’s a story in here for everyone, you hardly have to look. When you come across it, the story grab you by the shoulders and shake you around yelling, “Do you remember this? Now, how about we relive the most wonderful/embarrassing/awkward/arousing/life-changing moment of your life? Yes? GOOD.


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