Pulsator Stronic Surf Giveaway!

Pulsator Stronic Surf Giveaway!

OMG, I cannot believe I’m able to do this for y’all. This month you’ll have the opportunity to win the Stronic Surf. The Stronic Eins, now retired, was the toy that got me into sex toy reviewing in the first place. I love the Pulsators that Fun Factory puts out, and I’m just so excited to share this with you.

There is a shitton of ways to enter, and I’m also opening up the possibility to enter daily by commenting on different posts. It’s good for me because I can get a sense of what y’all want to see. Also, I reviewed the Stronic Surf myself as well as the Stronic Eins (discontinued and my first review! Yes, it’s as bad as you’d expect a first review to be), Stronic G, Stronic Real, Bi Stronic, and Stronic Zwei!

Stronic Surf is the prize this month. The Stronic toys pulsate with magnets for a shitton of hands-free fun.
Stronic Surf Pulsator Giveaway

27 thoughts on “Pulsator Stronic Surf Giveaway!

    1. YES YOU DO! Make sure to enter every day so you have a better chance. I’d love it if you’d win 🙂

  1. very exciting, im happy to see this company branch out into so many models, was really worried they were a flash in the pan for a while.

    1. I feel like they’re always putting out really cool toys! Like, the Limba is super fun and they have frequent releases it seems. Interesting to hear from another perspective. Good luck with this giveaway!

  2. Super-satisfied winner here! The best part is that if I’d been trying to choose a Stronic in a store, I probably wouldn’t have considered it because the texture looked so intimidating. I’m amazed at how comfortable it is (with lube, of course)…the head eases you in (yeah, the G-spotting is subtle, but a little extra pressure does the trick for that), and the design stimulates everything (especially the rear vaginal wall, which I’d never thought about much before but now seems more easily aroused even with other toys). Hands-free with a pillow and some knee-locking…in short, thankful kermitflail YAY!

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