floraGood Vibrations sent me the Flora to review a long, long time ago. I kept putting it off for various reasons but the most relevant to this review was that it is so underwhelming. I mean, this thing is minuscule (says my gaping vagina). It didn’t do it at all for me, although I suppose it could be used as a transition toy. Usually when I work my way to bigger toys I use the Mustang and work my way up. Unfortunately, the Flora is even smaller than the Mustang, or at least it feels that way.

One of the positives about my experience with this toy is that the ridges on the shaft feels like a new toy going in one after the other, which was a strange feeling, but certainly not unpleasant. Pop after pop after pleasant pop. Excellent stimulation. Now, although this toy underwhelmed me, that doesn’t make this a bad toy. Maybe my vagina is just cavernous after being spoiled by toys like the Captain and the Maverick or the Rhino Stampede. This was actually the perfect toy to slip into the Rhino. It was just underwhelming enough to need the extra girth and length.

The Flora is slightly curved, providing g-spot stimulation that was pretty intense for such a small toy, though because of how slight the curve is and how far I felt I needed to push it inside me it didn’t hit my g-spot as it should have.

When used externally the Flora doesn’t cut it. Because the very tip of the toy is squishy, which is great for initial insertion, it doesn’t deliver vibrations that are strong enough to bring me to orgasm. I ended up having to finish myself off another way. Now, the vibrations are somewhat buzzy. Okay, they’re really buzzy, however that doesn’t make this a bad toy. Not everyone wants rumbly like I do. In fact, some prefer the buzzy sensation. Buzzy actually sometimes gets me off faster, something I don’t usually want, nor do I find it as pleasurable as rumbly. But these buzzy vibrations are very, very strong. Even the lowest setting was too much for me to handle, something a lot of women probably would enjoy.

The Flora reminds me of the Iroha, just small enough to leave me needing and wanting more. I’ve loved every Fun Factory toy I’ve gotten, for the easy push buttons (“Fun” turns it on; (-) and (+) increases and decreases speed and patterns) except this one. It’s not that I disliked it, or thought that it’s a bad toy, it just didn’t do it for me. At 6.5″ long with only 4″ insertable, the Flora is a little thing. One of the only things about this toy that worked for me is that it’s rechargeable (which is always a good thing!).


Not for those looking to be filled up. However, the strong, buzzy vibrations could be what you’re looking for if you need something powerful and get off better with buzzy (as opposed to rumbly). It’s perfect for those who have a vagina not accustomed to larger toys or not interested in them.

You can get Flora at Good Vibes by clicking on the banner below.

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  1. Why-oh-why the buzzy vibrations? :c It looks like a neat little first vibrating toy, not too intimidating or girthy or long, and in pretty colours… and then this. I’m not saying some people don’t like it, but I know that if I wasn’t interested in sex toys in general before getting my first vibe and (despite several reviews’ worth of assurances that it was in the middle of the buzzy-rumbly spectrum) finding it terribly buzzy, I would be terribly disinterested in looking for any other vibe.

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