IMG_3560I was sooo excited when Traz contacted me to review their new products: the Rhino sleeves. I don’t have a penis to play with but I sure did have a shitton of underwhelming vibes/dildos that needed some help so I happily obliged. With or without a real dick to play with, you’ll find a use for the Rhino bros.  Here’s the deal, although I could easily fuck myself with a larger dildo rather than going through the trouble of slipping a sleeve over it I still used the Rhino. Why? Because it’s fun. It’s fun to watch a small dildo turn into a monster (Rhino Genisis or Rhino Stampede)

They sent me three from their line of extenders:

The Sleek: I’ll start by discussing the Sleek. It’s how it sounds, nothing special. This toy would be ideal for a woman who is not a size queen but does have a man that is happy to add a little extra girth/length. It’s not nearly as overwhelming as the other two are but it does add a fair amount of girth and plenty of length (depending on how much you cut the sizer to be). It’s 8″ by 1.5″ which was plenty for me, even with the girth my vag can take. The Sleek is incredibly flexible, having what you’d think is too much give. Honestly, it’s borderline there. But, with the length thingy in there it kept it upright.

The Stampede: I thought this one would be super-fucking awesome, what with the texture and all but when I inserted it (ouchies) and started thrusting (with plenty of lube) it literally felt like I was sanding my vag (as in sandpaper). Not a pleasant feeling at all. I like my vaginal walls as is, thank you very much. So, I quickly gave up on this one. However, I might add that no other blogger that I’ve read has had this problem. I love texture in the form of ridges and bumps but the overall grainy texture just didn’t do it for me. However, oh my god, did it feel so much larger than the other two toys. Not only is it textured, it’s also much more firm. Out of all of them, even though Traz claims that it has g-spot stimulation, this was the only toy that give me a little extra stimulation in my g-spot. It weighs in at 8″ x 2″, a whopper of a dick sleeve, plenty enough for my sometimes-size-queen-vagina. While the Sleek had almost too much give, the Stampede had no give, which worked in its favor.

The Genesis: This one was the bomb. It was as girthy as the Stampede, most certainly far girthier than the Sleek, but it didn’t have the grainy texture I ended up hating. It was nice and smooth and went in and out with ease, though it did take some getting used to, I mean, this thing is huge! Prepare thy vag, women!

All three of the toys come in three different colors: Caramel, chocolate, and vanilla (don’t they make you crave ice cream?). It looks like, when you’re on the Stampedes page, it also comes in deep purple but I couldn’t find that color listed anywhere on the site. I got the vanilla, though I actually do prefer darker shades. Fortunately, it wasn’t so pale that it grossed me out. All three colors take a dramatic turn as they get darker which I thought was fabulous. We see plenty of pale dicks out there on the market, let’s get us some color in there!

So it gets a little complicated, but just a little and only for the first time. It comes with silicone extenders that you cut to give you the extra length/less length than you desire. One of the awesome things about this toy is that it also come with a plug so that the toy/penis doesn’t slide out. Now, I can’t comment on this but other bloggers who have penises have said that this can also double as a masturbation sleeve (how cool is that?) because of the ridges. All you do is take out the plug and lube up your dick and fuck that thang like it’s a vag/asshole.

Now, I cannot comment on if this is a good toy for anal use. I wasn’t willing to try it on myself anally because it doesn’t have a base and I didn’t want to risk it getting sucked up my butt. Perhaps it is different with a partner? Maybe the suction can withstand the tightness of le asshole or your partner wearing the sleeve can hold onto the base. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re willing to risk possible anal suckage.

TL;DR? Any of these can take a tiny dick/dildo and turn it into a monster that will ravish your vag. You don’t need a real, throbbing dick to enjoy this toy. As someone who has underwhelming dildos I can assure you this toy will come in handy for those (that way you get your monies worth for that disappointing toy).


Thank you, Traz, it was my pleasure 😉 You can get any of Traz’s Rhinos at Shevibe by clicking on the link below.

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