Review: Tenga iroha Mini

Review: Tenga iroha Mini

I’m back with another review thanks to The Vibed, one of my favorite stores to work with! This time, I explore the iroha Mini. I’ve had several iroha toys like the Minamo, Yoru, Yuzucha, and the Mikazuki (review to follow!) in my personal collection. I’m super excited to have one (one of two) to officially review for you!

The iroha Mini vibrator in Fuji-Lemon sits on a mossy branch surrounded by trees. It's a compact vibrator that is battery-operated

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Design of the Iroha Mini

The iroha mini‘s shape is perfect for those of us that like pinpoint stimulation. The iroha Mini is shaped like a teardrop and the bottom part of the toy, the yellow, is big enough to house a AA battery. This toy is reminiscent of the Wish of sorts because it fits in your palm. The iroha Mini is also waterproof in water up to 20 inches which wasn’t a problem with my short bath. Plus, the vibrations were not impacted by the water very much.

Materials, Care, and Keeping of the iroha Mini

The iroha Mini is made of ABS plastic which is a body-safe material. I love toys made of silicone and ABS plastic because I can be confident that I’m putting something safe against my body. In order to clean this toy, you can use a toy cleaner to wipe it off or wash it with soap and water. It won’t absorb any nastiness because of its materials so simply soap and water work just fine.

ABS plastic can handle any type of lube, and that includes silicone lube. You’ll usually hear me talk about water-based lube but silicone lube is nice and slick. Soon, there will be a review for my favorite silicone lube, Uberlube.

The iroha mini rests against a mossy log on top of a mossy branch. It's purple and yellow stand out vibrantly against the deep green of the moss

Toy in Use

Lube is the supporting actor to my sex toys. I use it for all and every toy, including external toys and BLUE panty vibes WE VIBe. It makes everything smoother and helps me feel more of the toy and the vibrations.

I turned the iroha Mini on easily with one button, which is always appreciated. I’ve been having difficulty with some toys, and I don not have mobility issues in my arms, turning them on, so it’s great to have something be more accessible.

Rose’s Experience with the iroha Mini

When I got batteries into the iroha Mini I turned it on right away. When I pressed it against my clit without lube it was a tad bit uncomfortable so I added some lube into the mix I usually don’t use silicone lube so it was a delight being able to use my new lube.

Lube made the pinpoint stimulation more comfortable. There are several ways to position the iroha Mini.

  • Use the tip of the teardrop to press against your clit, your asshole, your perenium, or your nipples. Honestly, as long as this doesn’t go into your ass, you’re golden and can use this wherever the fuck you want to.
  • Hold the iroha Mini on its side and rest the tip against your clit with the broad body to stimulate your labia or urethra (I sometimes enjoy stimulation on my urethra)
  • You can also hold the broad end of the iroha Mini against any part of your vulva, dick and balls, breasts, or anywhere the heck else, for some extended stimulation

I was not a huge fan of the iroha Mini’s buzzy vibrations. I found it more difficult to reach orgasm with the buzziness expanding throughout my hand.

Overall Thoughts on the Tenga iroha Mini

The iroha mini is a cheap toy at $22.50. The price reflects the quality. It’s a battery-operated toy with that alone bringing down the cost. A single button operates the iroha Mini Fuji-Lemon. You press it to turn it on; you press the same button to turn it off. And, there is only one speed. If you want an inexpensive vibrator and you aren’t too picky about intensity or patterns, the iroha Mini would be… satisfactory. However, because there’s only one speed, that makes this a gamble.

If you want a bullet vibrator with more functions, more rumbles, but at a significantly higher price, the Tango X or Touch X may do the trick. Both have the pinpoint stimulation ability. If you like having a toy in your palm then the Pom may do the job. I would suggest the ROMP Beat for an affordable, clit vibrator. It has multiple speeds, even, which in my book is way better than just a single speed. On top of that, it’s rechargeable.

Where to Buy the iroha Mini

You can get the Tenga iroha Mini from The Vibed in three different color combinations:

iroha Mini | Fuji-Lemon



Discounts are awesome so you can get 15% off with the code “ONHERBACK” at checkout.

Support On Her Back

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Iroha Mini Fuji-Lemon


Vibrations: buzzy to rumbly




Ease of use


Non-gendered marketing


The construction does what it is intended to do


Comes with a warranaty


Discreet design



  • It's small and compact
  • The button doesn't turn on accidentally with a bump of an elbow
  • The tip of the toy is good for pinpoint stimulation
  • The design of the toy does what it is supposed to


  • Buzzy vibrations
  • Battery-operated (that means more money on batteries and harder on the environment. That's how the price is so low!)

9 thoughts on “Review: Tenga iroha Mini

  1. Thanks for the review…I’m intrigued by thr broad stim possibility! I’d love to know more about the squishier Iroha toys…

  2. This toy is so cute! Iroha always has such unique designs, and I love their color choices. This one is probably too buzzy for my tastes, but its adorableness certainly tempts me nonetheless.

  3. rechargeable is way better than battery operated but i can see the appeal, thanks for the review

  4. This seems like something I would get. That’s a great price for a toy. Love that it had one button and it easy to use. Love the green color.

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