Vamp Dildo Review by Tantus

Vamp Dildo Review by Tantus

When I first saw the Vamp, I knew I’d met an excellent vampire, and I wasn’t disappointed when I shoved that boy up my vag.

The Good: Because of its tapered base, the Vamp would make a wonderful butt toy. While my little ass hasn’t taken to the Vamp, it’s clear that the Vamp is an ideal toy for ass play. I can’t imagine having something so long up my butt, but I know many people would swoon over this toy for their ass pleasure. The Vamp has a fucking massive head compared to the shaft, which slowly tapers down. Because of this, I could take my hands off the toy and clench without the Vamp falling out, even when my muscles contracted. Now, I said that this is somewhat sizable, which may be contrary to what I’m about to say, but still valid: while being a firm silicone toy, which usually means that it feels larger than it looks, the Vamp didn’t feel any large than it appears to be outside of my body. I couldn’t tell you why this is the case when it’s not for other toys. However, that sure as fuck didn’t detract from the feel or the look of the toy.

The Vamp is only lightly textured, so I couldn’t feel the waves of the shaft. However, I could feel the toy’s head catch behind my pubic bone. When this is the case, I find that the best action is to push the toy up and down rather than thrust it in and out. But in the case of the Vamp, I was able to thrust semi-comfortably, though it wasn’t my favorite way of dealing with a toy with a large head and lip. To avoid the famous “popping” sensation, I pressed up on the toy’s base to pull it out. And oh-em-gee, people, you ready for something exciting? The Vamp is harness compatible, allowing many playful days, weeks, months, and YEARS of pegging and strap-on sex for gender expression and insertable fun.

The Bad: As I briefly mentioned above, the Vamp has a light texture, not nearly enough for me to feel anything but the head. While this isn’t necessarily a negative, I would prefer to handle all the surfaces I can see. The following is a very personal issue: I can’t stand anything on my left side that makes it feel heavy, and the texture of the Vamp, when facing me, is significantly more than the right side. I had to close my eyes to avoid feeling uneven at insertion; in this way, the Vamp was extremely triggering. Would that be an issue for most people? Probably not.

This is another questionable issue: I was able to experience some g-spot stimulation, though not nearly enough to call this toy a g-spotter to the max. While I’m able to say that there were slightly some g-spot feels, it didn’t do the trick unless I pushed down on the base of the toy to make it thrust upward, and that, for the most part, wasn’t as much as I’d prefer. Though the former doesn’t necessarily make this worthy of “The Bad” section, it wouldn’t be in “The Good” either. This is just something to keep in mind.

The Boring Stuff: The Vamp stands 7″ long with a Max Diameter: of 1.75″ and a Shaft Diameter. 1.7.” While it’s not the enormous dildo that has ever been inside me, it’s still sizable. “Tantus’ unique formula of Ultra-Premium Silicone” was used to make the Vamp, which means that it’s easy to clean and sanitize if you’d like. Because it’s not porous, you don’t have to worry about it being unclean. If you don’t go from ass play to sticking it in your vagina without cleaning it first, then it’s a ball!

Who would like this toy? While I had some issues with the toy, I’d still recommend it for beginners and experienced vaginas and asses alike. One needs to be aware that the head may be an issue when inserting it, but you have to start somewhere, right? The Vamp isn’t a toy you must worry about hurting one’s vagina upon thrusting. Because my vag was ultra-sensitive at the time, and I wasn’t fully aroused, I did experience some pain, but I coped with it by not thrusting too much. For the sake of the review, I did thrust; when I use it in the future, I probably will rock the Vamp up and down. Would I tell you to get the Vamp? Sure would, peeps! Other than the large head, it’s a pretty standard dildo. Depending on your body, it could very well become a favorite.

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9 thoughts on “Vamp Dildo Review by Tantus

  1. Whenever I see the Vamp, my mind does the grabby hands thing. It looks gorgeous and the more I read about it, the more I think I’d like it. (Unfortunately, wallet says no at the moment.) I was under the impression that it’s not meant to be a textured toy, and the ‘veining’ is decorative rather than function, so I personally wouldn’t count that as a con, but I can see how you might expect that 🙂

    1. You raise a good point, I’ll make it clear that when I put a “con” it’s for my body and OMG now I’m totes rethinking this pro/con thing when it comes to toys reviews.

  2. Tantus toys seem to be mostly smooth, which worries me for the same reason you seemingly didn’t enjoy this one as much.

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