There’s a Rocket in My Ass

This review is a long time coming but it is very much worth the wait. I wanted to give it a good shot and I did. Hole Punch Toys was kind enough to send me their “Pocket Rocket” butt toy. I’ve been exploring my ass as of late so I was thrilled when they offered me this wonderful butt toy. I wanted to get comfortable using it before writing a review, and now it’s time, my dear readers, to give you the review from my ass.

Their tag line is awesome, “Taking sex less seriously since 2010.” I love this because not only is it true, everyone deserves a toy that works wonderfully for their body that is fun but still pleasurable. I love getting unusual, fun, unique toys and this is one of the best. The Pocket Rocket is one of their smaller ass toys, something I am much grateful for. My butt is not used to things being stuck the fuck in there, so I was pleasantly surprised when this toy slid in so easily

The Good: Pretty much everything. For starters, it’s made to look like a sparkly rocket. I mean, come on, sparkles. You had me sold right there. The flared base looks like the exhaust from a rocket when it takes off; except this exhaust was pearly and, you know, didn’t explode up my ass and into my throat (I was very happy about that). Insertion was a cinch. To be honest (well, duh, that’s the point of this review) I thought it would be a lot harder to insert than it was. I was expecting to have to coax it up my butt, try to convince my butt to accept it but that thing–slathered in lube–shot right the fuck up there and nestled into place.

The base was one of the things that really, really made this toy fantastic. That thang didn’t have a circular base but, rather, it have a long, thing base that was indented in the middle so that it nestled comfortably between my cheeks. This was the first butt toy I wore out in public because the Pocket Rocket allowed me to walk without feeling like I had a fucking wedgie. It’s much more narrow when you get to the bottom of the shaft, something that made me feel confident that it wasn’t going to slide out of my ass, like the Little Flirt did when I coughed.

The Bad(ish): Because the base is so much thinner than the middle of the toy I had to grasp the bottom(ish) in order to guide it in without it slipping away from my tight asshole, that usually bitches about anything going in. That being said, this doesn’t necessarily detract from the quality of the use of this toy. It’s easy enough to compensate for the flimsy base because the introduction of this toy to my asshole was quite welcoming and all I needed to do was change the way I held it.

The Boring Stuff: The Pocket Rocket has an insertable length of 4″, which turned out to be the perfect size for my asshole. The silicone is very stiff which made it feel a bit bigger than it really is. However, my sphincter was all right with that and let it slide in with very little discomfort. It’s 1.5″ inches at it’s widest point which was just perfect for my little butt. Because it’s pure silicone, you can put it through the dishwasher to sanitize it or boil it in water for about three minutes. Cleaning it with soap and water can also do the trick but because of my unfortunate experience with shit, it needed more than that to get (most) of the smell of my butt juice off of it. There is a very faint hint of le poop that covered that poor toy–so faint that I’m not even sure that’s what I’m smelling–but another wash should do the trick.

A Warning b/c of My Stupid that does NOT reflect poorly on the maker of the toy:  Okay, so, I made the mistake of not pooping before I put this toy in. After having it in for about 2 hours or so I decided it was time to relax my ass and take it out. If you’re going to do that, I highly recommend doing it in the shower or over the toilet because shit flies quite easily when you take a stopper out of your ass.

Just sayin’.

Who’d like this toy? Uh, anyone who like sparkles, that’s for sure. And it would work for beginners and ass veterans alike. This smallish butt plug is not intimidating and I was pleasantly surprised out how well it slid in my ass, stayed in my ass, and felt in my ass. There are so few flaws I found with this toy that I’m going to be a wild and crazy woman and say that this is a good toy for anyone. Obvs it’s a matter of preference when you try it out but I think it’s safe to tell asses of all no/experience that this is a great toy to feel filled up, to insert easily, and stay the fuck in place.

Punch Hole Toys, it was my pleasure 😉 You can get The Pocket Rocket here

–I highly suggest that you do give it a try.










  • Cute
  • Shiny and Sparkly
  • Tiny enough for beginners
  • Neck is thin enough that it doesn't even feel like it's going to slip out


  • The sparkles are a bit much with the shinyness
  • Couldn't feel bumps--a con for some, not for all


  1. Looks cool! Wonder if they’ll get trouble from the folks who make the Pocket Rocket vibrator? Maybe that’s not trademarked, I don’t know…


    I think issues with a bendy base are expected at this size of it, no way around it (unless the toy is absolutely stiff, say, wooden). I must say I appreciate your forthrightness about the whole of experiences of using any toy — you’re not squirming behind euphemisms or “this will be squicky to someone, I’d better leave it out”. Thanks for that!

  3. I remember reading somewhere that Hole Punch toys tend to have a seam- would you say that it’s noticable on this one?

    1. I don’t see one (I took it out and it’s sitting next to me). There are some lines where he did something with the rocket parts but I didn’t even notice it. And, honestly, it works great and because the rocket head is full of sparkles, it’s hard to see them ^_^

  4. Does it come in different colors? also, does it attract dust, lint… everything near by.. like most silicone toys do?

  5. I hadn’t heard of Hole Punch Toys before this. I must admit that their name has me sitting here with my legs crossed!

    Still, that slogan is awesome, and I’m baffled by how many people don’t seem to make butt plugs that slide out again if not actively held in place.

    Very sorry to hear that you learned the “pull the plug” lesson the hard way, too! (You doubtless know, but pressure in particular spots – which is easy to apply when, say, wiggling a toy out – can trigger cramps and the “evacuate all areas” response. I’ve had a couple of partners learn that one when they started to experiment!)

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