REVIEW: Thump It Remote Controlled Thrusting Silicone Dildo

REVIEW: Thump It Remote Controlled Thrusting Silicone Dildo

Here’s How Shit is Going Down

First Impressions

I love Betty’s Toy Box because of their vast range of products and product care. They most recently sent me the Thump It, a self-thrusting dildo, much like the Fun Factory Pulsator line. I was sent two sizes – the 7.25″ and the 7.5″ dildo.

Each of the three sizes come in a box with unique coloring, specific to the size. While the packaging is simple, the box is chock-full of information. Everything you could possibly need to know is on the box, every inch is covered with writing. The box includes a charger, a remote, and the Thump It dildo itself. The box also includes an instruction manual that lays out the function of the remote, as well as how to charge and operate the Thump It.

Let’s Get Physical – How Does This Compare?

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Thump It comes in three sizes – 7.25″ – small , 7.50″ – medium, and 8.5″ – large. I appreciate various sizes it comes in because that means more options for more bodies. The difference between the Thump It 7.25″ and the 7.5″ Thump It dildos isn’t much. In fact, both dildos were easy to insert and didn’t require any warming up.

After a few weeks of use the 7.25″ stopped working. Neither my partner nor I could make it work again. To rectify that situation, Betty’s Toy Box sent me a replacement for the Thump It in a larger size so that I could experience multiple sizes. I do not know why the first dildo gave out but, quite frankly, I preferred to use this toy in the off position.

The Thump It is a silicone toy that is smooth and velvety to the touch. I like silicone that feels like this because it doesn’t take too much lube to have it run smoothly.

It has a Suction Cup!

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The bottom of the toy is a suction cup that is actually quite strong. I was able to stick it to the wall of the shower and have it stick for a long enough time to enjoy it on the wall (I’m sure the wall enjoyed it too). I was impressed by the suction of the Thump It because it seemed, visually, like it wouldn’t hold up well. In fact, both toys were able to stick equally as long, even though the larger toy’s suction cup looks more shallow.

I was able to take this toy in the shower with me, which is ideal given how little privacy I have in my apartment. Anything that is waterproof automatically gets a little boost in the ratings because of the freedom it affords me.

Anal and harness-compatible

Just what the title says: the Thump It is anal-safe and harness-compatible thanks to the flared base. Most harnesses will work with the Thump It. I like this one, personally, because it’s an attractive, easy, and easy-to-use harness. If you want something pretty, this red lace corset harness makes me feel uber-pretty. 

Anuses are the black hole of the body and will suck anything up that it can. It’s beyond me how porn stars are able to stick things in there then successfully get it back out. My anus likes to eat anything I stick in there. That’s why it’s so nice to have a dildo with a flared base: I can put it in my butt and not worry about it! The Thump It is a safe toy to stick in your ass – yay!

How does this compare to the Fun Factory Pulsators?

The toy is “made with kinetic technology,” which basically means the thrusting is powered by magnets. This is reminiscent of the Fun Factory Pulsator line (Stronic G-Spotreview here or Stronic Realreview here – are my favorite). While the Fun Factory toys are more fluid, the Thump It is jerky.

In all honesty, I found the smooth Fun Factory to be more pleasurable. Thump It rammed itself into me like a jackhammer. However, that’s not the worst thing in the world. I tend to like having a nice pounding so depending on my mood, I’m into that.

Materials, Care, and Keeping

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The multiple rumples in the toy make it difficult to quickly wash this toy. Rather, I had to take a toothbrush to it to make sure the fold of the Thump It was completely clean and clear of girly juice. As annoying as cleanup can be, it was well worth the extra scrubbing.

Because this is a silicone toy, silicone lube is not safe to use with it. However, oil-based and water-based lube is acceptable. I like Sliquid H2O for my water-based lube. Sliquid Sassy is specifically designed foranal use (since the damn butthole doesn’t lubricate naturally) which is superb because this toy is anal-safe. Sliquid has an organics line, too, if you’re into that.

Thump It is also waterproof for some submerged fun. As of this post, I’m unable to masturbate anywhere but the bath/shower when my partner is home so I am genuinely thrilled when a toy is waterproof. That makes masturbation when I feel like it more doable.

All it takes is soap and water!

Cleanup for the Thump It is simple and easy. It’s a silicone dildo so it’s non-porous and is body-safe. All it takes is soap and water and you’re golden. However, if you want to sanitize it, you can soak it in a 1:10 bleach:water solution. Again, it’s not necessary but it will often make me feel better about having things in my body.

Dishwasher cleanup is an option as well, but since there are mechanics within the toy, it may be best to pass that up. While you can boil silicone toys, don’t boil this one!

Rechargeable toys are lit

This dildo is a rechargeable toy which is always a FUCK YEAH in my book. It’s better for the environment and better for your pocket. Included with the dildo is a charging cable – standard USB with a custom pinpoint adapter for the toy – that punctures the silicone in order to connect it to the toy. It’s always great to have a USB cable so that I can charge the toy with my computer.

My Experience with the Thump It

This was a fun toy to use with a partner – especially a partner that has carpal tunnel syndrome. This was able to do the work for her; she just held it in place with her palm. My vagina was able to keep it in place with the help of her hand.

Like with the Fun Factory toys, you can use the Thump It dildo hands-free which is nice. However, the damn thumpers were somewhat muted by my strong kegel muscles. That being said, it’s a very personal problem that may not affect you like it does for me.

It actually stopped working

So the first Thump It I got, the 7.25″ one, stopped working and that was just the worse. I don’t know exactly why and I had to double-check that it was waterproof because for the life of me I don’t know what went wrong, and my tech savvy partner couldn’t even figure it out.

Betty’s Toy Box quickly sent out for a replacement so that I could have a working toy while I wrote my review. I was thrilled with their customer service and how quickly the toy arrived. I have had no difficulties with this toy this time around.

Final Thoughts

While the Thump It is jerky – fucking magnets – I don’t hate it. It doesn’t compare to the Fun Factory Stronic line but it’s a …. something. I was able to  find pleasure with it and I loved it as a stationary dildo. The fact that it’s both anal-safe and harness-compatible makes this a great toy to use with a partner/someone who likes butt stuff.

The realism of the Thump It is …. accurate and pleasing to the eye. While there aren’t color variations, I like that it comes in three sizes. I was able to take the first two comfortably.

If you’re looking for a self-thrusting toy, the Fun Factory Stronic series is still great. As for a realistic dildo, give the Mustang or Maverick for a realistic dual-density toy. Willy’s 7″ silicone dildo is another good option carried by Betty’s Toy Box. If you want something realistic, but not too realistic, the Lifelike Lover Dildos are a good option

If you want to get the Thump It you can click on any of the links above or on the following to be directed to the small, medium, and large Thump Its.

Be safe and go fuck yourself during these hard times. Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR go check them out! I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 

Thump It Remote Controlled Thrusting 7.5 Inch Silicone Dildo






Ease of Use



  • Harness compatable
  • Anal safe
  • Betty's Toy Box quickly replaced the defective toy


  • Stopped working for no reason
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