2021: Year in Review

2021: Year in Review

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Y’all, it’s that time of year where I look back at my blog and see all the awesome things I did with it. This year, I reviewed 43 toys, posted 99 times, and won a spot on Molly’s Top Sex Blogger List, Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Hero’s (which was a HUGE bummer b/c I was proud of it but also… Kinkly), and my photo won an award. 

I’ve been blogging since 2013, that’s 8 fucking years of reviewing sex toys. Two more years and I’ve been doing this a decade. Having to take my blog down to avoid being slut-shamed in court was a wake-up call for how damn important my blog is to me; blogging so much this year assured me that this will be a lifelong gig. I don’t ever want to stop blogging again. 

I’ve put some awesome toys in my vagina and ass. I’ve also put some toys in my body that was just for the sake of a review. I want to give y’all a list of the top five toys I’ve put in my body this year. Enough with the sentimental talk, let’s get on with the toys! 

Favorite Vibrator

This was a tough one to choose. In the past, the Tango has been my favorite vibrator but with time my body has changed. When at first I liked pin-point stimulation, now I prefer broader stimulation. Although the Tango X and the Touch X (review) was amazing, I must give my Favorite Vibrator award to the Doxy X Lovehoney (review). It’s an amazing wand and stupid powerful. 

Favorite G-Spot Stimulator

The Uncorked Pinot (review) was a surprise. I expected it to be any other toy but the curve of the g-spot stimulating tip was divine. It’s a toy I used many times, which is saying a lot when you take into account the number of toys I review every year.  

Best Financially-friendly toys

ROMP series While I haven’t posted a review of the ROMP Beat yet, I want to add that here as a favorite. The review of the Beat will be coming in 2022! In 2021 I reviewed the Hype, Wave, and Free. I was surprised to find that the Free was actually not horrible. While the Wave was okay, and the Hype’s buttons had to be pressed really really hard, I was pleased with the quality of these cheap sex toys. 

Favorite Rabbit Toy

The Nova 2 (review) is an amazing toy. I first reviewed the Nova 1st ed. as soon as it came out and was smitten. Now, the Nova 2 has an adjustable shaft making this rabbit sex toy the most versatile rabbit toy I’ve come across. 

Wife’s Favorite, Gender-Affirming Toy

My wife has allowed me to be very frank about the fact that she is a trans woman. It’s not something she hides but it was something I wanted to handle carefully. Because of her body dysmorphia, my wife doesn’t like penis toys. In 2020 she tried a cock ring for me but it didn’t feel right to either of us. Just in case we’ll sometimes hold a toy for me against her genitals. When she tried the Pom her sex life changed.

The Pom is a flat, wide, and flexible vibrator that covered her penis and made her feel like she was stimulating her vulva. While we’ve had success with vibrators, they never made her feel like the Pom made her feel. I am so happy we tried this toy on her. We also have the Mimic and the Starsi and I can tell you that the Starsi is another toy that is gender-affirming like the Pom. Review to follow in 2022.

Favorite Dildo

Standard size – Tantus Alan O2

Smaller Dildo – Avant D15

Most Interesting Sex Toy 

The Rotating Tongue Licker Rabbit  was a doozy. I loved the Lovehoney Sqweel a million years ago so when I saw this vibrator I knew I had to have it. I’m glad I tried it. 

Favorite Sucking Toy

I tried a lot of suction toys. I reviewed Sohimi’s white-label sucking toy, a few Satisfyer air-pulse toys, the Dame Aer, several Womanizer Sex Toys, and the We-Vibe Melt. Overall, the Melt and the Womanizer are my favorite. However, the award goes to the Womanizer Premium because it has different-sized heads which the Melt does not. 

The Womanizer Premium comes in several colors, came as a package with the original Tango, and is a “revolutionary” eco-friendly sex toy.

Favorite Butt Toy

Hand down the app-controlled Ditto. Both my wife and I had a lot of fun with this one!


I love sex blogging. Next year will mark 9 years – almost a decade of reviewing sex toys. Lemme tell you all: this is a lifelong gig for me. I love every moment of it.

Have a good day and go fuck yourself! 

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